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    Sareli Meliot

    Sareli woke up. She looked around a bit, taking about half a minute to realize that it's not her room. Damn, she fell asleep. And not even in her bed, but in the middle of Medius Town. Oh well. The Delcatty yawned as she stood up, still a bit shaky. Ugh, shouldn't have gone to Medius Town while tired. Again, oh well. She walked for a bit, then pauses, having forgotten the reason she was here. As she thinks, a familliar voice was heard. "Hey! Sareli! You wanted to know when the new posters would be put up, eh? Well, i can tell you that they were put up while you were being all cute 'n' stuff, y'know, sleeping!" The Smeargle grinned. "How often do i have to tell you? Do not call me cute. I might accept it from others, but this is quite... Annoying, to say the least." is Sareli's reply. The Smeargle looks down. "Aw girl...." he sais. "What part of no is too hard for you to understand?" she screams. "Alright... Anyways, the new posters are already put up. And these have to be put up yet, so feel free to take 'em!" said the Smeargle. Now, that was a thing she was satisfied with. She took the posters and nodded, while she walked back.

    As soon as she entered Atarip Town, everything was a lot easier. This was a place she knew completely. She quickly ran to the large, wooden board in the middle of the town and took everything off it in one swipe. The stack of paper was getting quite large already, but then again, it was from two rounds of rescue jobs. She was a bit surprised that none of her team members went to get them, but as leader, she had the responsibility. Thus, she walked towards her base. On the way, however, she stopped at the shop where she made sure to stock up on Oran Berries. With the berries and paper she finally walked to the base of the Crossblade Crew.

    As she entered the base, it was surprisingly silent. Normally, it would be full of Pokemon preparing, eating, sleeping, talking and doing all sorts of activities. But it was quite empty. Sareli just shrugged and put the stuff on the table. She took the Oran Berries and brought them to the kitchen. The paper was put on a small wooden board. All jobs were there, be it exploring, rescuing or bounty hunting. Occasionally, one of them would disappear. A Pokemon had then taken the job. Sareli just decided to sit there and study the available missions.
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