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    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    I suppose moves like Air Slash and Air Cutter (along with Razor Wind?) would be considered wind attacks, so I can definitely see how it would fit into a type of it's own, but as a whole, since birds can perform wind attacks anyway, it would seemingly be redundant, sadly. u__u It would be so cool though, not gonna lie about that. xD;
    Birds can perform more than just wind attacks and many non-birds can use the attacks as well.

    Razor Wind, Ominous Wind, Icy Wind, Silver Wind, Heatwave (which is Hot wind in japan), Gust, Whirlwind, Hurricane, Air Slash (though this is more pressure based than wind Air cutter is the same)

    These can be learned by a multitude of different typed Pokemon. You even get Pokemon like Trapinch that can learn moves like Gust. Suicune as I mentioned before is based off of the North Wind and is a Pure water type. Shiftry is based off of a wind demon god known as a tengu. He's Grass/Dark.

    Wind itself was never restricted to just Birds/Flying types.

    I don't really think any of these except for maybe the normal ones get retyped, and definately none of the Pokemon should get retyped. But Wind is in the game just as Sound is. Sound has the best chance of existance as its recognized thanks to the Sound Proof Ability. But my hopes would go towards Wind.
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