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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
I see then. I suppose I'm just confused as to whats going to happen to the concept of RMTs, since they've been a part of Battle Center/Stadium for quite a while, now. Are they going to belong in Pokemon Team Help, or are they going to belong in Battle Stadium? I understand that PTH can be utilized for in-game team discussion, but can it also be used for competitive team discussion? And if so, what content is going to be posted in Battle Stadium, is what I'm wondering? D:
E&G will be renamed to the Battle Stadium or Center, so its content would be threads for hosting battles (i.e. tournaments, leagues, etc.). PTH would be a new separate forum strictly for RMT threads, but there would be a sticky thread for moveset requests and incomplete team help like with CTH and ITH. However, I'm unsure whether competitive and in-game RMTs would be separated. But basically, it would be similar to the way things used to be with the Battle Stadium and Strategies & Movesets. However, the Pokemon Team Help forum won't include much discussion; it would be there for team building help.

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