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Nursery Aide Raeanne

Kaepora lv. 30 @ Amulet Coin
Keen Eye | Serious
[ Confusion, Peck, Hypnosis, Uproar ]

Karla lv. 30 @ Eviolite
Early Bird | Hasty
[ Quick Attack, Thief, Peck, Acupressure ]

Harley lv. 30 @ Charcoal
Cute Charm | Adamant
[ ThunderPunch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Sky Uppercut ]

Bobby lv. 31 @ Soft Sand
Oblivious | Sassy
[ Magnitude, Earthquake, Rock Tomb, Water Pulse ]

For Whom lv. 1 @ Exp Share
Levitate | Hasty
[ Confusion, Gyro Ball, Trick Room ]


Training Bobby was kind of difficult even though route 4 and Desert Resort should have been easy for him. Either way, we managed. I got my other three Pokemon to level 30 and soloed Elesa's gym with Bobby. He evolved after the battle with the last gym trainer and did flawlessly against Elesa. She and her Volt Switch didn't stand a chance! After that, I grabbed For Whom the Bronzor out of the PC, so now it's time to catch him up to the rest of the team and proceed onwards to Driftveil City! Does anyone get the reference in Bronzor's name? It will make more sense when it evolves, if that helps. ;)

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