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    Hi, ya, 'sup. Salutations. I need help! You see when playing my fire red version of Pokemanz, I went to the Sevii Islands, having all the badges except the sixth and the eighth (I know, but Siplh Co is so puzzling!) So when I go there, I save, heal my pokemon, and then do the Lostelle sid quest and try to get back to Kanto, when the stupid guy in the port will only take me to two island, one island, and three island. Not Vermillion. So, the only solution I can see is starting a new game. But I really don't want to! I have a lv.57 Charizard, a level 49 Electabuzz, and four other good pokemon, so please, if anyone is watching, help! This is EpicStarapor_22 signing out!