Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon The Legend of Anbuja
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    Meh, I thought I'll give a thought on the screenies.

    ★The TS looks pretty nice, although it's lineart connects to digital art rather than Pixel Art, so it kind of clashes with the background. Luckily, Arceus covers most of the screen, so this can be ignored.

    ★I thought that the indoor tiles can only be a bit good, you've proved me wrong with outsanding indoor tiles xd

    ★I love the placement of trees and rocks, also different sizes of trees and most important, the wind animation. They give everything a natural feel.

    ★The. Battle. BGs. Are. Ultimatum! Love em.

    ★I hope that you can give giovanni and his goons placeholder OWs in this screenshot a new look... or maybe I could do em for you :P.

    ★Ooo, the water seems nice! Or maybe that's just cause I'm a big water lover. Yeah, the important part is the floating tree, it gives the new feel of things in water.

    Yep, all that said, you should NOT fail on this hack ever! No, we all are backing you xD.

    Good luck ;)