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    Originally Posted by joshbl56 View Post
    I'm gonna first start off with a few comments on what you said.

    I'm confused on how he was underwhelming in this game when he is basically a (slightly) stronger version of himself in the first game. Also he was the champion until Blue beat him XD

    I think that was the point as you had to do the whole "Walk of Awesomeness" to even get there, which included pokemon and trainer fights.

    There are 24 grass pokemon (7 of them are unevolved and 1 cannot evolve; all catch-able in both games, excluding Chikorita, which is given) and 22 fire pokemon (5 of them are unevolved and 2 which cannot evolved; all can be caught in the wild, with only Cyndaquil (given), Vulpix (Silver only), Growlithe (Gold only) and Magby (can be given in an egg) being excluded). I'm pretty sure that is enough pokemon that can be caught lol

    The storyline for every game is the same thing: Go collect the badges, catch all the pokemon, stop an evil organization and become the champion. While the second gen was the low end on 'evil organizations', it did have the strongest (true) champion of all games (Red).

    I think there was a back story to the reason why he wasn't in this game

    Sorry for the dissection of your reasoning but I had to defend gen 2 :D It's kind of my favorite generation lol Hopefully someone cares enough to dissect mine (even though it isn't even close to enough to dissect)

    I consider the first generation the most overrated. Now, before you guys take out your pitch forks and tomatoes (I guess that is the things children use to humiliate people today), I (sort of have my reasons).

    1.The music. I hate the music to gen1 games (and its remakes). While I think all generations music is bad I think the first one takes the cake. It just sounds so high pitched (there were very few places that didn't seem high pitched to me) and I wish they would just stop with the music.

    2.The story. It's not so much this generations story (even though it was basically the same as other games; Go find/collect stuff, fight (but with creatures cause human fighting is inhumane (irony and sarcasm wrapped into one)), beat the baddies (rival, evil organization that seems to have tons of money, gyms, E4, etc.) and become the BEST THERE EVER WAS!) as it was gamefreak using the EXACT story over and over until trying to reminisce about the great old times seems to have become boring.

    3.My last one: The hype. I get that this generation is going to get TONS of love for being that awesome one that started everyone off to becoming a Pokemon Master but the overall hype it gets (even today) and hate it seems to have created is annoying (If you're wondering about that last part: Gen 1ners or whatever they're called). I've actually gotten into a verbal fight with a friend for them refusing to play past the first two generations (because they come in a package thanks to the connecting stories) but still rags on the rest of the generations like she knows what she is talking about, especially about the designs. We get that some looks are bad but thank of the ones from gen 1/2.

    Anywho, that's my 2 cent.
    It's fine. I love discussion, even if my own favorite generations are being scrutinized and ridiculed

    Lance's dragons can all be beaten by an ice/water type (Lapras for example), which, for a champion, is quite underwhelming. Wallace also suffered from this but his Pokemon were higher leveled.

    The "Walk of Awesome" before the Elite Four makes the victory road cave pointless, though. What's the point of the empty cave if all the trainers are already fought? I always just felt that it was unneeded

    My point with the fire and grass types was the addition of new ones. And even if you include the older ones, only growlithe, vulpix, flareon, and magbi/magmar are available in the earlier and main story of the game to catch (if you did not choose cyndaquil). Three of those require fire stones which are annoying to get, and magmar doesn't have the greatest movepool. Ponyta and Rapidash are only at the very end of the main story in victory road.

    Except each storyline has its unique elements that make them interesting. R/S/E sport two organizations, one that wants to expand the land, and one that wants to expand the sea, making their plans threatening to the region. BW/BW2: liberation of Pokemon from trainers and taking control of Kyurem to freeze the land of Unova, respectively. Again, threatening the world, making defeating them to be more satisfactory. Team Rocket just don't do much, and I never understood why people liked them so much.

    Yes, but there should have been an alternative to the safari zone. Taking it out completely isn't the best idea, I believe.

    Originally Posted by deathbymanga View Post
    I understand. I think I am looking at things from a rose-tinted perspective since GS was my first Pokemon game ever, and the one I spent the most time replaying.

    It is sad that the Fire types are few are limited.

    It also does feel a little half-assed, as the game COULD have been made a tad better, and there certainly was room to make the game more entertaining as they had plenty of funds since the success of the anime and Stadium. They could have made Team Rocket more involved, everything could have been more involved.

    And truth be told, as I remember the game, I couldn't help but feel a little old when I played it. When I first mentioned the Edo-feel it was in the sense that it was amazing, but really, with Silver's black and white feel, the ruins, the old art style, the mythology, the hardly involved criminals, it feels almost like an old man.

    The villains are all ineffectual EXCEPT for Silver. all the character seemed old or too mature for their age. Everyone felt like a parent or a role model. The villains were more bland than in Red.

    Now I hate you Vapes How dare you show me the light as to why my FAVORITE Pokemon game is the most overrated of them all.
    The Edo-Japan feel in G/S/C was really well done, I can completely agree with that post. And HG/SS did this even better with some of their remixes.

    This is just my opinion of the games. I am in no position to say that you're wrong for liking them, I'm just posting my thoughts to open for discussion.

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