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I'm going with Gen 5. It fixed the pacing problem that D/P brought but has flaws pretty much everywhere else. The only ones I see defending these games are the loads of fans that are somehow offended by all the nostalgic people that will say all kinds of crap anyway and should be ignored. B/W is a good start to the series though, but only because of the pacing and it was designed to let a new person to the franchise get through it without a single problem. That's why we've got such a linear region, early strong Pokemon and the easiest way to level up. At least the kids love it, which is the point. :) In the end, it's really only overrated within the fanbase.

Gen 1 and 2 are overrated as well, but frankly at least they're good enough to warrant it. (Gen 1 was near revolutionary, and Gen 2 is what perfected the formula.)
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Let me start off by saying that I have played and beaten every single Pokemon games except for the spin-offs and D/P/Pt (and from what I've been hearing, I'm not missing much).
You really are missing out. Platinum is FANTASTIC. Ignore D/P, but play Platinum. One of the best Pokemon games, and Sinnoh is by far the best region imo. So big, varied and so much to do. Helps that the Pokemon available pre-E4 are some of the best selections. (Fire type problem aside.)

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