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Welcome to the Storyteller's Guild! You are a storyteller, who's job it is is to submit a sentence into the story that you and your fellow storytellers of the Storyteller's Guild are crafting. You can submit as many sentences as you want, but they have to be one at a time. Each individual post should be one individual sentence in the overall story. If you're invested in the story, be sure to remain up to date with what's going on by reading the story up to the last period!! Truly dedicated storytellers will be rewarded.

Please remember to copy the post (the story part of the previous post, if they added anything else) of the latest post in the thread before yours and then add a sentence to that. Also remember that most paragraphs are 6-8 sentences and usually connect to one another. Start a new paragraph when you feel the need. Feel free to introduce dialogue, new characters, and so on and so forth.

The thread dies when the story dies. Let's begin.

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