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For those of you that don't know me I'm ShinyUmbreon189 aka on other forums as HalfBaked and RealTalkRealFlow. I'm a rapper and have been in the game for a few years now and I think it's time to post my lyrics on PC. No fake lyrics here, it's all real talk. No money, drugs, women, fashion, etc. No promoting killing or mentioning my money, gold chains, diamonds on my neck/wrists, no 24" rims on my car, etc. My lyrics are based on real events or my beliefs on specific situations/events.

Others have said my lyrics are powerful while some are mind opening and powerful at the same time. Some have said they have really good flow and delivery and some have said events are saddening. I'm a versatile rapper, all my songs are based on different topics and no writers block issues here like on the radio. My lyrics aren't repetitive. There is profanity but not in every line/bar some songs have 10 swears while one has 2 or 3, it varies song to song. I will not be posting the hooks to my song those because those are exclusive to certain people I know and still in the construction of them.

All these lyrics are written by me and would really appreciate it if other people don't steal them for I have dedicated a ton of time in writing them, so please no stealing my lyrics.

Every week or so I will upload a new song or whenever I feel for that matter. May be 2 days may be 2 weeks may be a month may be the next or same day. It depends.

First song is "The End" and it's my true beliefs on what the govt. is doing to this country. Please no disagreeing with my lyrics and try to turn me away from the lies when they're blatant. I will allow constructive criticism but I've never had these issues anyways so post what you would like about the song or songs and word structure.

Government hiding behind all they're conspiracies
Destroyin us, so devious with all they're theories
Theyre takin our rights, another way to control us
Then when we disagree those dictators go after us
World domination, causin nothin but chaos
They're corruption has put all the people in danger
Those murders are a hoax, makin em stronger
Fed up with they're lies, can't take theyre shit any longer
We ain't got no leaders no real motivation
Just a cold corrupt nation with a fucked up generation
Peoples brainwashed thinkin Obama's the inspiration
Can't believe were so blind we don't see all his destruction
He ain't helpin shit, he makin it worse
Historys repeating itself, we done gone in reverse
Lied to so many times, don't know whats fake or real
Get ready, it's bout to turn into a battlefield

(Yo we need to open our eyes and mind you know,
The govt can't hide forever,
eventually the truths gonna come out
See politicians they ain't nothin but Illuminatic puppets
Or whatever them motherfuckers wanna call it)

They're the reason posses are goin on these killin sprees
But them school shootings ain't nothin but conspiracies
And for what, to get ahold of our gun control?
Like criminals don't have guns, we won't be all helpless
Thats why a .22 pistol in the streets of Chi-Town
Strictest gun laws maintains the highest body count
Gangstas doin drive-bys wantin to fuckin throw down
All over guns and drugs they want in pounds of amount
Killin' innocents over nothin but money and corruption
Over shit smuggled here by illegal immigration
End of the world new world order beginning of another
Civil War mothafuckers were not ready for the gore

(People they're lyin to us about everything
School shootings, taxes, war, news, 9/11, storm tradgeties
It's all a way for them to get inside our head and manipulate our mind
But they ain't gettin mine)

Post away, and I will update with new material soon!
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