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    Thanks homie I really appreciate it. It's not exactly poetry (rap lyrics) but still counts as poetry and it's my true beliefs and I believe it's legit non-fiction but people just don't realize it.

    Most of my songs are written through inspiration, usually I can't write something serious like this unless somethings motivates me to. I mean I can but it wont sound as clean, delivery wont be as good, flow wont seem spot on, etc. I like to mess around with the rhyme schemes as well and not just A,B C,D, E,F with double each until the whole song is over. In this one I added rhyme schemes in one bar/line so more than one word rhymed while maintaining my flow and skipped bars/lines to rhyme into the next one after it while the one in between rhymed with the following line like Town, count, down, amount. See how that works? They are all similar in rhyme and have the same characteristics but are completely different rhyming words. You gotta know when to use them and not to use them. I can't stand it when rhyming is competitive, I'm versatile with my rhymes, you'll see more rhyming techniques in other songs like ,multisyllable rhymes, perfect rhymes, bending rhymes (pronounced in different ways to rhyme), etc.
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