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    Ok so, someone already asked this, and I believe I gave a good advice, so I will tell you what I told them.

    1. If you want to play game with great/moder graphic, start with Gen 3(Emerald) or Gen 4(Platinum)

    2. If you are fine old graphic, I suggest Gen 1 (Yellow, Blue, Red) or Gen 2 (Crystal)


    3. If you want to play Pokemon just for it, catching Pokemon and finishing the game, then go with Gen 3/4.

    4. If you, however, want to get that special "feel" about Pokemon, and fully enjoy and learn abut Pokemon, then I strongly advise you to start with Gen 1, then Gen2, 3 4 etc.

    If you take up the gen 3 first, you are most likely going to find gen 1 and 2 outdated, slow and boring. Not because it really is, but because new generations are so uch ahead of it.

    I am personally going to start whole main game from start, from 1 to...the end. With few pauses during which I will play some spinoff games.

    And also. You might want to consider what kind of game you want. Game where you catch Pokemon, or where you just befriend them for mission (Pokemon ranger) or where you are an actual Pokemon (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series)
    It would the best for you to check the list of Pokemon games, and their gameplays.

    Anyway, welcome to Pokemon world, world where effing Zubats and Tentacools fun never ends! :D