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The Chase Continues

Jupiter and Aquaseas continued searching around the lake. Temperature have dropped down even more than before, all the people have left for Oldale.

Jupe clutched his coat tightly. The howling cold winds were striking his bare skin like lances. But Aquaseas seemed to enjoy the rough weather, as the other visitor pokémon did. He still glowed with the white aura, Jupe smiled to himself how strong and beautiful his pokémon was going to be. . .

His thought was scrambled off by a soft moan. Aquaseas' fin vibrated softly, he had tracked something. With a loud growl he dashed forward, Jupiter trailing behind him.. Their chase was short as they soon came face to face with their target, the Vanillite that escaped their wrath (?). Aquaseas went for a tackle but a counter attack threw him off.

"F#@$%!!!", Jupiter yelled in surprise. The Vanillite had pimped a Seel to protect it from others, especially from 'a boy and his mudkip'. . .

Seel went for another tackle but Aquaseas held his ground.. It sprayed him with water gun, again tackle then a good slam.

"What are you...", his words were cut short as another tackle came at Mudkip. He was panting but he still looked alright. He turned at Jupite and nodded, the message was clear to Jupe.

"Alright then.. Hold tight Aquaseas.", another tackle came head on. His fin glowed, and it seem that Mudkip grinned. The Seel got startled by the strong glow.. They took advantage of it.

"OK.. Now use the power of Bide and show who is daddy here!", Aquaseas slammed on the Seel like a vicious steam engine.. It rolled back and got stunned.

"Pummel it with tackles!", his rage haven't died out.. Slew of tackles gave it no moment to gain back strength. Aquaseas finished off the Seel with a mud slap!

"NOW YOU, my precious Vanillite!", but something strange was underway. The aura around Aquaseas rose to a hundred times, a metamorphosis was sure taking place.. As the light faded, Jupiter was looking at a different pokémon!
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