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Signature Pokemon are always the highest leveled Pokemon on a key important character's team. That said, some of their teams, even six-party teams from the PWT, rub me the wrong way. I feel that a Gym Leader/Elite 4 member's signature Pokemon should be exclusive to said gym leader/Elite 4 member to encourage type diversities. For example: Agatha should be the only Ghost specialist to have a Gengar on her team, for it's her signature Pokemon. However, because Ghosts have the least common Pokemon in the series, she and the other Ghost specialists (Morty, Phoebe, Fantina, and Shauntel) are forced to share each other's signature Pokemon as fillers for more Ghost types to be included in future gens.Signature Pokemon aren't only limited to Gym leaders and Elite 4 members, but they also include villains and champions. Here is the current list of signature Pokemon per Gym Leader (some are changed if their sig Pokemon have cross-gen evolutions or to best suit them region wise and/or appearance wise):

Red: Charizard
Blue: Arcanine
Brock: Golem
Misty: Starmie
Lt. Surge: Raichu
Erika: Bellossom
Janine: Weezing
Sabrina: Alakazam
Blaine: Rapidash
Giovanni: Rhyperior
Lorelei: Lapras
Bruno: Machamp
Agatha: Gengar
Lance: Dragonite
Falkner: Noctowl
Bugsy: Scizor
Whitney: Miltank
Morty: Mismagius
Chuck: Hitmotop
Jazz: Steelix
Pyrce: Mamoswine
Claire: Kingdra
Will: Espeon
Koga: Crobat
Karen: Tyranitar
Roxanne: Probopass
Brawley: Hariyama
Wattson: Manetric
Flannery: Torkoal
Norman: Slaking
Winnona: Altaria
Tate & Liza: Solrock and Lunatone
Juan: Crawdaunt
Wally: Gardevoir
Archie: Sharpedo
Maxie: Camerupt
Sydney: Absol
Phoebe: Dusknoir
Glacia: Froslass
Drake: Salamence
Steven: Metagross
Wallace: Milotic
Roark: Rampardos
Gardenia: Roserade
Maylene: Lucario
Crasher Wake: Floatzel
Fantina: Drifblim
Byron: Bastiodon
Candice: Abomasnow
Volkner: Electivire
Cyrus: Honchkrow
Aaron: Drapion
Bertha: Hippowdon
Flint: Magmortar
Lucian: Bronzong
Cynthia: Garchomp
Cilan: Simisage
Chili: Simisear
Cress: Simipour
Lenora: Watchog
Burgh: Leavanny
Elesa: Zebstrika
Clay: Excadrill
Skyla: Swanna
Brycen: Beartic
Drayden/Iris: Haxorus
Cheren: Cincinno
Roxie: Scolipede
Marlon: Jellicent
Bianca: Mushrana
N: Reshiram/Zekrom
Ghetsis: Hydreigon
Colress: Beheeyem
Shauntel: Chandelure
Grimsley: Bisharp
Caitlin: Gothitelle
Marshel: Conkeldurr
Alder: Volcarona

Do you guys agree that signature Pokemon should stay exclusive to key-important NPCs?
And Mercy too.
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