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Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
You can look at crimes either case-by-case or broadly. I think if you see things case-by-case you'd conclude that the only problems with the law are in terms of catching criminals, prosecuting them fairly, and just being efficient. If you look at things broadly I think you'd additionally see a need to address the fact that certain groups of people are disproportionately victims of crimes. Hate crimes laws are an attempt to address that by trying to dissuade people from committing crimes against certain stigmatized groups, essentially codifying into law that it's not okay to be prejudiced against these groups of people. Of course, the law often already states elsewhere that prejudice is bad, but it doesn't seem to be enough that our laws say "Everyone is equal" if that's not how things work in practice.
Stigmatized group or not, with murder I'd think that there'd be some element of hate involved. I don't see how the extra classification would only apply to certain groups.

Or that if the victim may be part of some minority, that that automatically implies that the crime committed was a hate crime. That's not necessarily so either.

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