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    Can anyone give me a hint as to how to get the mining kit to go underground? I can't seem to find it.

    Also regarding the garchomp you are supposed to lose to, isn't this method possible?
    get a ghost type who knows curse
    buy a focus band from the dept. store and equip on ghost type
    lead with the ghost type and hope that the focus band works so you can use curse. (If not, you could close the game and retry).
    Stall the next few turns until his garchomp dies.
    Do you mean the mining kit to mine rare items from the shining rocks? It doesn't actually go underground, but you get the same items as you would in the underground in DPPt. In that case, you get it - guess where - underground! In a place you've been before, in an area only accessible with a certain TM (and badge) which you didn't have at the time.

    Also, yes, it is possible to win against Garchomp that way - that's almost exactly what I did. Solaris does have like three Full Restores but if you bring a Sturdy user or two (not difficult) you should be able to stall long enough. He doesn't give much exp at all but he does give a good chunk of cash. This is probably the best method, since Perish Song isn't easy to have by this point (if you have a lvl 50 Kricketune, it's your lucky day!) and Destiny Bond is, I think, completely unavailable at this point.
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