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I AM GOING TO LIST MY LEGENDARIES AND MY PEARLESCENTS and then talk about how I'm taking on UVHM! Horray!

Legendaries and Pearlescents
  • Flakker (3) - Warrior moonshot drops, drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • The Transformer (2) - Random drops from Pimon.
  • Veruc - Random drop from Mobley.
  • Longbow - Random drop from Mobley.
  • Unforgiven - Drop from a Super Badass Creeper.
  • Storm Front - Drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • Legendary Siren - Drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • Legendary Soldier - Drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • Lyuda - Drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • Tunguska - Drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • Unkempt Harold - Drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • Striker - Drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • KerBlaster - Drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • Stalker - Drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • Tunguska - Drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • Rolling Thunder (2) - Drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • HellFire (2) - Farmed from Scorch, drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • Neogenator - Farmed from the Treasure Room.
  • Maggie - Farmed from the Treasure Room.
  • Volcano - Farmed from the Treasure Room.
  • Baby Maker - Farmed from the Treasure Room.
  • Legendary Mechromancer (2) - Farmed from the Treasure Room, drop from a Legendary Loot Midget.
  • Flame of the Firehawk (???) - Quest reward from Lillith.
  • Black Hole - Random chest loot.
  • Deliverance - Random chest loot.

Okay that was fun.

Anyway! About UVHM - I've found that playing as a Siren is faaaaaar more effective than I imagined, but I'm kinda totally reliant on Phaselock. Right now, I'm set up with a full elemental set of weapons; a Slag (51%) Vladof Sniper, a Corrosive Hyperion Shotgun, a Shock Rubi, and a Fire Plasma Caster along with a quick-charge Absorb Shield, the Storm Front, a 34% Cooldown Relic, and a Class Mod giving me +6 Suspension, +5 Reaper and 18% cooldown. Those, along with 5 points invested into Quicken, mean a seriously fast cool down; a total rate increase of 82%. Not literally, though, due to diminishing returns. But anyway! I also keep the Maggie, the Shock Kiss of Death and the Unforgiven (which I'm still testing out) in my backpack most of the time. I'm wanting to get hold of a Slagga at some stage, using it over the current Sniper, and I want to replace the Shotgun with a Corrosive Sniper.

My cooldown probably takes ~8 seconds at this point, which is really nice due to how I've specced up Phaselock - Converge, Chain Reaction and Ruin. The idea is to be able to regularly mass-slag enemies, due to how Slag is now king, and hit them all at once with Ruin's area of effect alongside Chain Reaction's projectile deflection. Coupled with the Storm Front, which damages enemies in a large area and is hugely effective against enemies clustered by Converge, this results in seriously high DPS for a build that's essentially total crowd control. It also allows me to heal very quickly, too; the sheer number of enemies hit in this way means that just by drawing Rubi I'm able to recover all of my health in a few seconds flat, even less when factoring in Storm Front and the fact that I can continue shooting slagged targets with Rubi, almost unresisted due to its Shock typing. Sweet Release allows for even more health regeneration if the phaselocked target dies.

All-in-all, the build's working very well for me. It lets me mass-slag and cause steady damage to counteract the new health regeneration, and gives me the option to hide and restore health or get some serious killing going.

I'm considering investing further skill points into Kinetic Reflection, giving me even greater crowd control when taking on groups of phaselocked enemies due to them dying very quickly, and considering swapping my class mod for the Legendary one. On one hand, it works nicely with this build; it grants me a 38% cooldown increase, bringing the total to 102%, as well as overall boosted gun damage and higher movement speed when phaselocking. It also boosts Accelerate and Ward, giving me both a higher damage output and better shields. However, my current class mod offers me an extra 6 points in Suspension, making it easier for me to hold Ultimate Badass enemies still and gives me more chance to induce Sweet Release, as well as added Kinetic Reflection time, and 5 points to Reaper which is just a generally broken skill. So, I'm not sure of which to go with here. At first, the Legendary Siren sounds a much better option, but... I'm not so sure, really. Advice? :D

edit: I've been a'looting! Updated my legendaries list. My bank is now full so I've a few things up for grabs, if anyone wants them; a Lv8 Hellfire, Lv41 Transformer, Lv33 Veruc along with some level 50 unique and rare items. Anyone interested? I'll just be selling them otherwise.
edit 2: i farm too hard

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