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    > Alright, I guess your right it was a long shot but I always though the Gym Leader was like the most important person in town and would be plugged in, but anyway let's head down to the docks see if there's anything there
    > Make your way to the docks, checking each house along the way for loot. After the docks, go check the Lighthouse. If Jasmine is still in existence, she is bound to be on the top floor along with whatever the Lighthouse Ampharos has become.

    There aren't any houses between you and the dock; there is, however, the Pokémon Centre and Mart, and the Olivine Café. Each of them, inexplicably, contains another eel – or, in the case of the Mart, another two.

    Othodox found some Large European Eels! Othodox put the Large European Eels in the Fish & Seafood Pocket.

    Huh. You didn't think that pocket would be getting so much use when it first appeared. Shows how much you know.

    You also find a few bits and pieces in the buildings.

    Othodox found one Boxed Wine! Othodox put the Boxed Wine in the Booze Pocket.

    Othodox found some Super Potions! Othodox put the Super Potions in the Medicine Pocket.

    Othodox found one Revive! Othodox put the Revive in the Medicine Pocket.

    That done, you reach the docks – and stare.

    You have by now worked out that several years have passed since the Dreaming started – time enough for Falkner to age significantly, and for the remains of most of the population to be entirely consumed by weathering and monsters. However, with the exception of the Cherrygrove Pokémon Mart, all the buildings look as if people have only just walked out of them – as if no time has passed at all.

    The dock does not.

    In fact, it's very clear that no one has been performing the regular maintenance that it requires for quite some time now. The part of it closest to shore has collapsed, and the rest is black and slimy with crawling weed; much of the wood is rotten, and several of the jetty supports have splintered within the iron rings that are meant to hold them together. The building at the far end, where the ticket desk used to be, is half-submerged in the ocean, tilted at a dangerous angle. Beyond it all, the distant, mist-shrouded Whirl Islands rear like the teeth of a cosmic gullet, ready to swallow down the dying dock.

    Hm. Unless you can fly, there's no way to get over to the office. You could swim, I suppose, but you'd stand a high chance of being pounded to bits against the concrete foundation of the jetty supports; the current is strong here.

    Shrugging, you turn your attention to the Glitter Lighthouse. It stands as tall and proud as ever, resplendent in the morning sun – and, much to your surprise, a lancing beam of light flashes briefly from the top, as if in answer to your gaze.

    Someone is up there. And they know you're here.

    You head over to the lighthouse entrance, and listen at the door; no noise comes from within. This means one of two things: there is nothing inside, or there is something that lies in wait for its prey very, very stealthily inside.

    You fervently hope it's the former.

    You push open the door just a crack, and peek inside – nothing out of the ordinary that you can see. The lobby is the same as ever; same rich, thick carpet, same wallpaper, same pot plants. (Pot plants are oddly popular in Johto. Not only that, but everyone has the same type – a kind of tall, thin one resembling a palm tree. This has never bothered you before, but now strikes you as somewhat odd.)

    Cautiously, you open the door fully and step inside—

    —only for a tonne of blood-red carapace to lunge wildly at you from your left.

    You fling yourself to the right, crying out in surprise and hitting the floor hard; too late, you see the hole in the floor, surrounded by torn carpet and splintered floorboards, carefully concealed behind the door – the same door that the armoured beast now facing you is scuttling in front of, the better to cut off your escape.

    It looks like a crab, but not any sort of crab you know; it stands as tall as a man atop a writhing, clicking tangle of articulated legs, and colossal pincers swing low on either side of its domed shell. If it has eyes, you don't see them – just two deep pits in its crimson armour.

    You get to your feet, Vesta in one hand and the Hideously Dangerous Stabby Thing in the other, and back off warily, towards the wall. The monster makes no move to follow; it seems to be a little more cautious now that it's lost the element of surprise.

    bad earth bug, mumbles Vesta, and too late you realise that Jasmine's Steelix isn't the only burrowing animal Olivine houses: it also has a sizeable population of Krabby.

    Which are Water-types.


    Can't the Narrator ever just cut you a break?

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