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Name: Rowan Lloyd.

Dorm: Suicine Dorm.

Age: 15.

Sex: Male.


Rowan is very tall for his age standing at a height of 5’11 feet. He has skin that is slightly tanned and a good physique. He has eyes that are a sort of vibrant grey in and neatly kept black hair. He is always neatly dressed and normally wears a spotless T-shirt green, blue or black in color with a jacket along with jeans. During formal occasions he will wear a lawyer type suit with a red tie and black pants. During school time he carries a green bagpack containing all his supplies and books. He also wears a belt around his waist where he carries his pokeballs.


Rowan is a very intelligent and smart young lad. He Is also very good in games. However, his main weakness is that he is ridiculously lazy. He always shirks work and spends his time reading adventure stories. If you want him to do a job for you, you will not find him anywhere, but if there’s the slightest mention of an adventure then he’ll appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Another one of his disadvantages is that he is obsessed about his wadrobe. He will never go anywhere ‘imperfectly’ dressed. Even if he wears old clothes, he will make sure that he looks good. He is however, a very kind kid who never loses his temper. Rowan is always looking out for people in need and will not hesitate to put his life on the line just to help others. He is also very loyal to his friends. Rowan hates evil and will always fight for the good. Rowan can be very absent-minded at times. Once for example he left his coat down after playing soccer and had to get it at about 10 in the night.


Rowan was born to a rich couple in Sinnoh. His father was a famous farmer and was great friends with Prof. Rowan who helped them to gain the land on which their farm was situated. They were great admirers of Prof. Rowan and when they had a baby boy they named him ‘Rowan’ after the great professor. Rowan soon had a sister when he was four.

Rowan had a great childhood. He went to school in the morning, finished his homework and studying within an hourand then he went to play with the pokemon in the barn right up till the night. During his summer vacations Rowan would spend some time working in the farm. Rowan was an excellent student always scoring straight ‘A’s one after the other. One day, when he was 8 a baby Tauros was born in the farm. Rowan was delighted and named the Tauros ’Max’. Thus began a great friendship between the two. Rowan started shirking work to play with Max and to watch pokemon battles when he was 12. His father got worried and after a lot of talks with Rowan his father finally decided finally decided to let him go on a pokemon journey when Rowan was 14.

Rowan thrashed the first gym easily with Max. Just before reaching Eterna City he caught a proud and arrogant Buizel whom he named ‘Admiral’. He easily beat Gardenia and moved on to Hearthome City. Here he managed to beat Fantina with Admiral and he moved on to Pastoria City, deciding that he could find many pokemon there. He was right and over there he caught a Croagunk whom he named ’Rupert’. He travelled on and came to Veilstone cIty where Admiral evolved into a Floatzel. Rowan challenged Maylene but after a close battle Lucario triumphed over Rowan’s Tauros. Rowan was dejected and after seeing him Maylene suggested that he apply for the Pokemon Trainer Academy. Victor immediately jumped at the idea and sent his application to the Academy. Rowan was not only accepted but was also sent to the Suicine Dorm.



Nickname: Max

Personality: Max like most Tauros’s is hot headed and strong. He has a short temper and is a very difficult opponent to defeat.

Level: 30.


Zen Headbutt

Work Up

Stone Edge


Wild Charge

Iron Head.


Nickname: Admiral.

Level: 30.

Personality: Admiral is a very proud and arrogant Floatzel. He is very strong and till now there has been one battle which he lost in.



Ice Punch

Aqua Jet

Brick Break

Aqua Tail



Nickname: Rupert.

Personality: Rupert is very quiet most of the time and acts perfectly emotionless.

Level: 24.


Poison Jab

Brick Break

Fake Out

Sucker Punch


Double Team.