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Originally Posted by Septentrion View Post
I can't progress in the game. I've gotten to were I'm supposed to go to Millenium City but I can't get there at all. Syndey just says, "just that a stroll or something." The walkthrough says she is suppose to escort me to the city.

I have everything up on Youtube(last walkthrough link in OP).
Are you using my walk through or from the Youtube? Maybe I could help you after this question

Originally Posted by zaubster View Post
Hack looks really great BUT...The difficulty. I left water cave, where pokemon have levels 15-19, and suddenly I need to beat a pokemaniac with 2 lvl 30 mons. Is that normal? I mean, if if it wasn't for munna and it's dream eater I would never have done that. Also, what's a good spot to grind? Seems like I won't be able to progres without that.
The game is running Normal for you. The level of difficulty you are facing is also alright. Anyways it is very common that a trainer has tougher pokes than those wild ones