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Its a Destiny
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    Game: i will be playing Platinum

    Starting my journey:
    I started my journey with my dumb rival annoying me
    We met professor rowan
    i chose Chimchar because i don't want my freaking rival to have the most powerful starter
    Dawn teachs me how to catch a pokemon
    i use a random pokémmon generator to generate a Nature and IVs to my Misdreavus and i hack her in as a level 5 Quiet nature and with some really low Ivs but with a 29 speed Iv her name is Erza
    and my journey starts here! (i will hack Mareep in when i get to Valley windworks because i can only catch her when i get a Pokéradar)

    My way to the school!
    Now i have Erza my first partner! so i am going to destroy in the Route 202 right?
    Wrong psywave really sucks, but in my way to the Jubilife city misdreavus leveled up a bit

    LVL: 9
    HP 32
    ATK 16
    DEF 16
    SPA 23
    SPD 21
    SPE 19

    so i went to the pokémon school and battle 2 trainers there, i don't level up but a starly from a boy faints because of the struggle recoil damage LOL
    that was a hard day at school so i heal up and i decide to go ahead to the next stage of my journey

    Gear up!
    So now its time to continue on my journey!
    So i leave the Pokemon center and go ahead on my journey, at my way i find a gentleman who tells me about the Poketch sale and that i can win a free poketch if i get 3 coupons
    so i answer the questions of the clowns and win that Poketch with all my swag xD
    so i find a girl and she gives me a Quick Claw
    i beat my dumb rival and Erza learns Astonish now i dont need to support me on the undetermined idiot Psywave
    Misdreavus stats:

    LVL: 13
    HP 42
    ATK 21
    DEF 21
    SPA 31
    SPD 28
    SPE 27
    everything is going really well a high level Pokemon with great stats, but in a trainer battle it starts
    Erza turns out to be a Teenager in 13 years old she started to grown up and started to turn rebel she does not obey my commands anymore, there is only one way to solve this problem! i need to win the first gym badge and achieve her respect, so i enter in Oreburgh city with purpose of defeating the 1st gym leader of Sinnoh!