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Hello! This is my first attempt at joining a RPG on this forum so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong and please bear with me if I ask dumb questions. xD;

Name: Kaylor Desani

Nickname: None

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kaylor is a tall young woman with dark hair falling past her shoulders. Her frame is slender but in a notably lithe and agile way rather than implying she is under-fed. She has large eyes, grey in color, that can transition from warm and friendly to cold and piercing almost instantly -- depending on who they are looking upon. She rarely dresses in colors, preferring blacks and greys, and often wears nice blouses with skirts or slacks but on occasion will dress down in jeans and sweatshirts.

Personality: Kaylor is very interested in what is best for Kaylor. This doesn’t mean she can't be friendly or play as a team... but she has her priorities and will rarely sacrifice them for others. While she is intelligent and calculating in her decisions, once she makes them she can be very stubborn about them, even when presented with better suited alternatives. While she may not be the greatest friend material, being that she makes choices based on her best interest, finding yourself on her bad side is a worse alternative as she can make a dangerous enemy. She can be a very good actress in almost any situation and has been known for being manipulative.

History: She was born and raised in Hearthome City, fortunate for her as after the crisis she was revealed to be pure-Hearted while her parents were not. A falling out with her parents over the significance of her being pure-hearted lead her to venture off on her own to Jubilife city -- where she believed she could live to her potential. However, she has found the city to be not quite what she expected, the public execution of humans disgusting her and making her sick for home. Still, she is not yet ready to return to her family, her pride only letting her imagination play the potential smug ‘I told you so’ from her father over and over in her head, so she is determined to make the best of her time there.

Class: Middle

Pokemon: Houndour

Nickname: Jasper

Personality: He does not like humans other than Kaylor and treats all strangers as a potential threat. While he has a good memory and will not reguard people he recognizes to be harmless with malice, he will not warm up to them either and will often be aloof if Kaylor is spending time with other people.

- Inferno
- Crunch
- Shadow ball
- Flame charge
- Sunny day
- Solarbeam

Other: Kaylor received Jasper newly hatched when she was a child and they have been inseparable since. It is possible that he is the only true friend that she has ever made.

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