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Anonymous didn't do anything here at all. In two hours they collected everything that was already circulating in the media and well-known.

I think RCMP has already done that. Their investigation is still on-going and clearly they don't think that the wide-spread material Anonymous produced is actually strong enough to get anything done with.

Besides which, the RCMP and police force have tip hotlines. Use those instead of reporting to a hacker group and maybe they'll be able to move more quickly.

Anonymous is sitting on the identities of the four rapists so that the investigation might be reopened, which is surprising in itself. In the old days of Anonymous, they would've simply released the identities of the rapists, and then sat back and watched the town turn on and devour them "for the lulz." Their refusal to do so until they see the case reopened is evidence of an evolution in the group, and it's an evolution that is drawing many new and former members of the organization into the fold.
But the case isn't closed. It's still on-going. Both the RCMP and the Prime Minister were speaking about it earlier this week. And the identities of the four individuals are known to the authorities, the media can't release the information because they're minors. Because they're accused doesn't mean they can throw the book at them easily, the RCMP are trying to build a bullet-proof case. It's not just "ho-hum, it's clearly the four people everyone knows. We used the Internet aren't we cool" like Anonymous is presenting


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