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    Name: Remiel Tatron
    Appearance: he is 120 pounds and stands at 5’5. He has lightly tanned skin, and brown hair. His eyes are a brownish green. He wears blue jeans and a gray T-shirt. He wears black sneakers. His red jacket drops to his knees and extends far past his arms. He carries a dirty shoulder bag that is light brown because how often it gets dropped a lot.

    Personality:He would rather run away than face opponents especially now. Remiel is not cowardly but is concerned for people and Pokémon’s health because of the disorder and lack of smaller town to get healed at. He tries to figure a way out of fighting when he has the chance. When he becomes enraged he will not back down and does not think thing through. He love mythology.

    History:Remiel was born and raised in Fallarbor Town, Hoen. He grewup adventuring route 114 and Meteor falls. One day while foolishly running through tall grass without any pokemon,he was attacked by a Seviper. A Swablu saved him and he made it is first pokemon. When he was older he traveled with his father to Sinnoh to research coralation between the magma stone and the red orb, he went to challenge the gym of the region. When the crisis accord he was at PastoriaCity. All of his pokemon abandon him except for Forte.
    Class: lower middle

    Nickname: Forte
    Personality:She is a pacifist, always back down from challenges, and rarely associates withother people or Pokémon. She sings only to cheer up those she deems truly pure and innocent.
    Moves: Sky Attack, Sing, Mist,Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor,Astonish
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