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    The sky was bright baby blue, the clouds in the sky looked like actual Pokemon. Anyone I skipped by could tell I was happy, I was skipping down the yellow brick road to Professor Pines Labratory, while listening to Taylor Swift along the way. Professor Pine told my mom via phone yesterday that she invited 10 trainers to her lab to pick Pokemon for reasons she would tell us later, so naturally I said yes. I couldn't wait to actually start my own adventure in this new region with a real Pokemon that wasn't weak like that Pichu my dad gave me. Boy did I hate Pokemon and People they really annoyed me. Pokemon always say the same things over and over again, while people never shut up.

    If you didn't already know im a Klandonite born in the Klandor region its a region that only a select few of people know about for example me my mom and dad Lt. Surge. Klandor is a small facilitized region that studies the mechanism of the whole world and makes all electrical items that exist in the world, of course no one knows about this except a few people as I said earlier. Sometimes I think that I was created by humans and im a alien because I never get anything lower then a 100 or an A+ in school and I don't feel like I can control myself maybe I have ADHD, but then how would I have amazing grades?

    Whatever I was approaching the town known as Rootdry Town a lucious tropical place or that is in this season, in the Summer it is barren like a desert.I was finally in a new town a mysterious town I had no idea that even existed until we had to evacuate here because of Team Plasma, ohh I hated Team Plasma my dad died in the attacks that Team Plasma and their pet Kyurem did. I didn't know where to go but I had an idea because right in front of me was a huge white 7 story building that was bigger then the rest of the buildings in this town this was probally the Lab there was no way it wasn't as I stared at the closed ready to change my life just by opening it.

    Death to Plasma?
    Team Plasma will crumble underneath Team Rockets feet.
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