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    I wanted to make a game for fun.

    A long time ago, in the Orracol Region, Darkrai was furious. Someone had almost destroyed him in a battle and he narrowly escaped. He showed no mercy and almost destroyed the region in his rage. But one creature stood up to him. It was Cresselia. A battle commenced, and the region was almost destroyed. But, Cresselia had one last trick up its sleeve. It banished Darkrai in an ancient tomb deep underground where it could do no harm, and sealed the tomb with 5 gems of power. In the present day, an evil organization called Team Vortex, who are trying to free Darkrai and use its power to take over Orracol by stealing the 5 gems of power and bringing it to the tomb, breaking the seal and releasing Darkrai. But after the first gem is stolen, your father goes missing. So you go out on a journey to find your father and stop Team Vortex.

    Hope You Like!
    Creativity is my thing...
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