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My stance is that the nukes were a net benefit to America. They ended the war, saved Japanese and American lives, and turned Japan entirely into an American ally. Had the bombs not been dropped, there would be a treat of Soviet invasion, as well as the huge cost of a potential American invasion, and even if that didn't occur, massive civilian casualties and suffering from strategic bombing.

There is a common misperception (not expressed here) that the US only had 3 bombs. That's not the whole picture, because another bomb would've been ready in 2 weeks, as well as 3 a month for the following months. If you read some of the documents, they were plainly deciding how to deploy these weapons, having them drag out the time between each detonation, or to use a whole batch at once. It's really as if they were aliens twiddling their thumbs at their options on how to destroy human civilization. Also General MacArthur wanted to unleash these bad boys over Korea 60 years ago to defeat the Chinese.

Of course, there is no parallel between then and in Korea today XD. A Chinese "invasion" and make those big quotes, isn't as threatening, and an American invasion or a protracted bombing of North Korea would not be necessary.
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