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Originally Posted by Winkly View Post
I literally know nothing about Pokemon so if you guys can just tell me if I have anything of value, that would be great. I've had these in my attic since I was maybe 10 years old. Just wondering if they are worth anything.

Edit: Okay so apparently some genius administrator made it a rule that you can only post pictures after making 15 posts. Not entirely sure how that makes an sense since I'm never going to post anything after this. But anyway..

The main one I think may be worth money are a Charizard that doesn't have sparkles in the background like the other ones I've seen. It's labeled 3/110. Also a holographic Pikachu wrapped in plastic.

If there are any others that are worth anything from around the same time, let me know. Thanks. :)
First thing to note, I'll be merging your thread with our appropriate card pricing thread (it's the ""How Much is My Card Worth?" Thread 2012/2013 Edition" in the stickied threads which are at the top of the thread list for the section) and further questions about prices belong in that thread.

Second thing, posting pictures is only disabled because when you post an image, you post a URL, and URLs are blocked to registered users with less than 15 posts to prevent spambots from posting malicious links that detract from a user's experience here. You can bypass this by uploading your images as an attachment to your next post you make in the "How Much is My Card Worth?" thread.

Regarding your cards, I would need either those pictures uploaded as attachments or more details regarding those two cards to assess which ones they are so I can find prices on them. As for anything else being worth anything, try your rares, promos, and holofoil rares. Most of them won't fetch more than $5 (or more than $2 in many cases), though even that is only if they're in mint/near mint condition. There is a small chance you have some pretty freaking rare card that you could sell a decent amount for, however!
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