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    Maybe it's a new take on a new Flying-type badge in Region X&Y :P

    Or it could be a purposefully inverted Insect Badge as to match the butterfly ribbons and hint on it being a Flying type.

    Also, as of now, all the other eeveelutions have symbols around them reflecting their type. Something on that egg has to not be coincidence, and I'd say the fact that a) it's an egg, and b) it has a wing-like thing on it.

    But I can see Dragon being a possibility, too; it's just that, although Sylveon shares very little Flying characteristics (other than Wingull ribbons that are flowy), I can see zero Dragon features. That'd be one weird Dragon type.

    And if it's Bug... Well, the eyes kinda remind me of Butterfree's and Butterfree's shiny palette definitely makes sense. Insects also lay eggs in real life, too. I still don't think it's insect though. Look at that moveset! If it doesn't look Flying-ish, it certainly isn't Bug-ish.

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