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    Originally Posted by Rayquaza. View Post
    Just because they're similar doesn't mean they're the same. This is unique because it is here on this community, the biggest Pokémon fangame forum in the world, and will almost certainly be better.
    If you have nothing to say exept false facts then say nothing at all. All that you have said is really quite rude and it is people like you have set my teeth on-edge.
    Yea, there is a possibility it's a coincidence, but if I understand your comment correctly, you're saying it's unique because it's the first time it has been posted on this forum. So you're saying it's okay to steal if it's from another forum?!

    It's possible that they are very similar, but how do you explain the similar form design? Hell, even he toolbar icons were the same! How can you explain that? Also, I always make sure I have proof before I make accusations.

    Rayquaza., did you even search the internet for Dawn Engine before insulting and accusing me of false accusations?!

    This is [supposedly] his engine:

    This is Pokemon Dawn Engine [Official Youtube Channel]:

    Next time, before you attack me back, search and do your research. The icons, the names of the toolbar menus, and even the default outdoor tile set is the same, not to forget that Dawn Engine is open source, so any one can steal or contribute to it.

    All the evidence you need is in front of you, don't be a fool.