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    Originally Posted by Livewire View Post
    I just read another article a few days ago that said that NASA found a solar system with not one, but two planets with earth-like characteristics. Not sure how far away it is, but if we had the means, it'd be worth the visit I think.
    To send an orbiter there, 1,200 light years away, it'd take about 207,915 years.

    The star Tau Ceti, a mere 12 light years away, is believed to have a planet in its habitable zone. It'd take, about, 2,079 years to reach that solar system with an orbiter.

    There are some major problems though. The planet is barely in the habitable zone. There's also a debris disk surrounding Tau Ceti, meaning its five planets likely experience many celestial impacts.

    To get to the main point of your thread though... I think you'll like this video.
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