Thread: [BW] Team rating please?
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I have to say your team looks pretty good although Simipour can perform non-HM slave roles as well since it has decent stats and its Attack and Sp. Attack are balanced, meaning it can go with mixed sets very efficiently.

Archeops is a good choice for a Flying-type, and you can get a Plume Fossil from a Backpacker in the Relic Castle. It also has very high Attack and is fast enough to use it effectively, Defeatist (its ability) may weaken it when it hits 50% or less of its maximum HP but thankfully its strong enough to be able to one-hit KO most foes plus you'll probably have healing items readily available on you. I tried one out myself in Black and he did a good job.

However, even though Braviary has good stats all around the problem with Rufflet is that he doesn't evolve until Level 54 and you'd probably be Level 50 when you're taking on the Elite Four. So I don't really recommend it until post-game at least.