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Chapter 5
When Sesshomaru came back from his walk, he had a demon arm in his hand and was eating it. So, that's where he had gone! Sesshomaru never really ate human food. He just went out and killed other demons for food when he was hungry. Most demons actually ate humans, but not Sesshomaru. He thought eating humans was gross and very sickly. So, he just settled with eating other demons. He didn't even care that he was eating his own species either. That was why he hadn't told Sakura where he was going. He was kinda embarrassed about her knowing what he ate.

Sakura was sleeping already when he'd gotten back, next to the camp fire. Rin was sleeping as well cuddling her doll to her, curled up against her sister's stomach. The two were both laying on their sides facing the camp fire. Sakura's bow and arrows, along with her sword were resting against a tree close by to the fire. And there was a blanket draped over both girls as they slept. Ah-Un was laying a few feet away from the two on his stomach, asleep with Jaken laying up against him, sleeping sitting up, holding his staff of two heads in his hands as he slept.

Sesshomaru sighed as he went and sit down next to the girls, watching Sakura as she slept. He ran his fingers though her long dark hair without thinking. He didn't even know he was doing it either. There was something about Sakura that seemed very familiar to him, but he couldn't place it,"That's right," he said to himself,"Your ancestor is Midoriko. You're so much of a reminder to me of her." What! Sesshomaru knew Midoriko? Just how old was he anyway!?


"So, you've rather be with that human priest then with me?" Sesshomaru questioned Midoriko.

"Y..You don't understand Sesshomaru. He could give me something you could never give me," she told him.

"And what might that be?" Sesshomaru asked her.

"Love," said Midoriko.

"I have given it. Tons of times," he told her. He lifted up Midoriko's chin looking her in the eyes. He had this warm look on his face. A look of love. But Midoriko didn't seem able to notice this.

"Let go of me, Sesshomaru. You could never understand my feelings! You have never once told me directly that you love me. And how can you show me love when you're away all the time?" She questioned, pulling herself out of Sesshomaru's grip.

"What's going on here? Midoriko where have you been? Our son's been asking for you for hours," said a man with dark hair and green eyes walking up to the two of them. His hair was short and very thick. And he wore a kimono that had a white top and blue pants.

Sesshomaru turned and growled at the man. So! This was who stole his Midoriko away from him, while he was away for a long time. His eyes turned red in anger and he pounced at the man attacking him,"NO! Please stop!" Midoriko begged, tears in her eyes. But Sesshomaru wouldn't listen. He killed Midoriko's husband right in front of her,"NO!" She ran at Sesshomaru trying to attack him. But he just grabbed her wrists tightly into his and pulled the woman into a very bruising kiss.

"Now, no one's in our way," he told her, in-between kisses.

"No!" Midoriko pulled away from Sesshomaru and slapped him across the face,"I hate you! I hate you! You will never understand a woman's heart Sesshomaru! I hope that some day you will learn from your mistakes and find someone who can stand you. But it won't be me! Good bye Sesshomaru. Stay the hell away from me!"

She turned and ran off, Sesshomaru just standing there letting her go. She had no clue how much she'd hurt him when she ran off on him like that. Sesshomaru actually had tears in his eyes as he watched the love of his life walk out of his life. It wasn't until a few days later when he went to try to make things up with her that he found out she had died. She had turned to stone fighting a demon, a shadow demon and had released her soul from her own body to stop the evil being, which became known as the Shikon Jewel.

Sesshomaru was very sad that day. He walked away from Midoriko's grave site in tears,"Never," he said to himself,"Never again will I open up my heart and allow it to be crushed again. Never again." He then walked away showing no emotion on his face. A demon jumped out attacking him and he just took out his whip, killing it without any remorse at all. From then on, Sesshomaru harden his heart, became quiet and emotionless. He would never let himself fall for a human again. He would harden his heart against them and kill all humans who approached him,'They must all die!'

(End Flashback)

"Maybe this time.." he went to rub his fingers across Sakura's cheek,"No." He shook his head, pulling back away from the woman,"She is her descendent. No, I can't." Sesshomaru went and laid at the base of a tree leaning his head back against the tree to rest and think things though. His heart had already been broken once before. He wouldn't allow it to happen again. Although he was beginning to start to trust humans again. And it was all thanks to Rin that he was.

The next morning the group packed up and left,"Just where are we going anyway?" Sakura asked Sesshomaru as she walked next to him.


"Fine! Be that way!" Sakura was getting angry again. It seemed since meeting her that Sesshomaru never spent too much time looking her way as well,'What's his problem huh! Why can't he look at me!?' She backed off and decided to question Jaken. Maybe he'd know what was going on around here.

"I don't know, where we're heading. What made you ask me?" Jaken told Sakura as soon as she questioned him.

"Well, I just thought you would know, Jaken. You ARE Lord Sesshomaru's retainer after all," Sakura told him.

Suddenly though,"You two! Don't move," said Sesshomaru. At this Sakura and Rin stood frozen to the spot. Sakura knew from what happened last time she was told this she'd better stay still this time. For her own good.

Suddenly from behind a tree a woman with her hair up in a somewhat bun came out. Her hair was just as dark as Sakura's and Rin's. And she had two feathers pinned to her hair. She was also wearing a pale pink kimono with red lines here and there and wore sandals on her feet and seemed to be holding a fan in front of red eyes. When she lowered it, Sesshomaru could see beads hanging from her pointed ears,"Who are you? What are you doing there?"

"So, you must be Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's older half brother. My name is Kagura," she told him, as she lowered her fan all the way down bending it into a long stick form.

"You know Inuyasha?" Sesshomaru asked her.

"Oh yes, we have met the other day and he mentioned you, Lord Sesshomaru. And I must say you're a lot more interesting than what I heard," Kagura told him.

"Is that why you were watching me?" Sesshomaru asked her.

"Why else?" Kagura grinned,"Also I can see that human priestess from here. You can't hide her from me, Lord Sesshomaru."

"Crap!" Sakura sighed,"What was the point of me standing still then if she could still see me?"

"Sakura! Stay where you are," Sesshomaru told her as he noticed her start to walk towards him.

"Don't worry, I'm not here to attack anyone. I'm just passing though. It was interesting meeting you Lord Sesshomaru. I hope we meet again some time." Kagura took one of the feathers from her hair, enlarged it and flew off.

'That woman. She had Naraku's scent on her,' said Sesshomaru in his head. He was very confused as to why Kagura smelt of Naraku. His scent was so strong on her it was almost as if she WAS him.

"Lord Sesshomaru, you OK?" Sakura tapped him on the shoulder. She noticed he seemed somewhat in a trance like state. He didn't answer her so she stepped out in front of him where he could see her, hands on her hips,"Hey! I'm talking to you, you know!"

Sesshomaru sighed,"Oh, ya, fine. We need to get moving." Rin climbed back up onto Ah-Un's back and begin playing with her doll, as the group walked on. They soon came to a town.

"Yey! A town. Finally, a warm bed to sleep in tonight." Sakura stared at Sesshomaru. She stared at the look of discomfort on his face,"Oh come on! The villagers won't bite."

"I'd rather not," he told her. He turned to Jaken,"It's getting late. Take the girls into the village and find an inn for them to stay in tonight."

Sakura gave Sesshomaru a look of concern,"But..."

"Come on sister, let's go. Lord Sesshomaru will be fine." Rin tugged on Sakura's arm, pulling her into the town, with Jaken following them. Sesshomaru just went and sit town against a tree that was nearby the village. He hadn't wanted to go in. He'd always been very uncomfortable in a human village and would rather not be around a lot of humans.

A few hours later, Sakura and Rin were in the hot springs at the local inn. Sakura was sitting in a corner of the spring, her head leaning out of the spring sitting on her arms that was crossed below her head. She was deep in thought. For some reason, the thought of Sesshomaru out there all alone didn't sit right with her,"Rin. I'm going to go sleep with Lord Sesshomaru, OK."

"OK," said Rin. She was already out of the spring sitting on a bent, drying herself off.

As Sakura dried off, got dressed and went back into the lounge Jaken came up to her,"I heard what you said woman! Surly you're not going to..."

She slapped him up side the head,"Pervert! That's not what I meant!" With Jaken knocked out on the floor Sakura marched out of the room hatefully, not realizing it was a cold night and she just walked out in a thin yukata. It was the type that was used for wearing around the house right after bathing if you wanted to get dressed quickly. Plus she hadn't grabbed any blankets on her way out either and was bare foot. Sakura left town and up to Sesshomaru still by himself, leaning against the tree. It was already night time out and it was getting late,"Lord Sesshomaru."

He looked over at her turning his head to face her,"Why aren't you at the inn?" He questioned.

"Just thought you might like some company," she smiled.

"I don't need any company," Sesshomaru told her.

"Awww, come on. Let me stay," Sakura begged.

"Fine," he sighed, giving in. He slid over a bit and Sakura sit next to him, looking up at the stars in the sky.

"Hey, look that one looks like a dog. And that one's a horse. And that's a bird." Sakura kept pointing up at the stars connecting the stars to each other to make a picture. Sesshomaru just nodded to show he was listening, but didn't answer her. She was too tired to argue with him though, so she just laid her head back closing her eyes, falling asleep.

Sesshomaru a few hours later heard some moans coming from next to him. He stared at Sakura noticing her shaking real badly. She was cold. He motioned for his Mokomoko to keep her warm. But it was then it decided not to obey him. It jumped from his shoulder climbing up into the tree, refusing to come down,"Why are you disobeying my orders?" He questioned the fluff. It refused to answer him.

He then heard Sakura moan even louder. He then started having a two way conversation with himself, trying to convince himself to do what he had to do. Sakura would freeze if he didn't do something. The Mokomoko wouldn't obey him and he couldn't show up in town. So, that left only one thing he could do. He took the shivering woman into his arms holding her close to his warm body with his one arm wrapped around her, keeping her warm. With her snuggled into his lap he leaned back against the tree to relax.

Elsewhere, unknown to Sesshomaru or any of his companions, they had been being watched by Naraku, when they had met Kagura. Naraku was a demon not to be messed with. He had been at war with Inuyasha's group for quite some time now. Plus he also wanted to take Sesshomaru's body as well. For years he had been posing as the lord of the eastern lands but none of his guards had realized yet that he wasn't really Kagawaki, but a demon called Naraku. Kagura had gotten back as she felt something wasn't quite right. She felt pains in her chest and felt like it was pulling her towards Naraku's castle. She ran in and up to Naraku,"What are you doing to me!?"

"This," he told her as he held up something in his hand that was red and slimy. As soon as he squeezed it Kagura fell to the floor gasping for breath, clutching her chest. "This, is your heart. If I squeeze it any harder you will die. Think about that next time you decide to betray me, Kagura," he smirked.

"Naraku, you bastard!" Kagura yelled in hate.

"However you did find me some useful information. So, I will let it slide this time," said Naraku. He stopped squeezing her heart and put it up into a case, for safe keeping.

"What information?" Kagura questioned the man.

"Why, that priestess woman of course. Didn't you know she's descended from Midoriko?" He told her.

"Midoriko? Who's that?" Kagura wondered.

"Why, my dear you have no clue do you? She's the creator of the Shikon Jewel of course. Therefore her descendant must have all of her powers. I failed once to get those powers used for me, but I will not fail again." Naraku had tried to get Midoriko to use her powers on him to make him powerful, so powerful no one could beat him, but she had refused him, stating he was evil and didn't derserse her help.

"What do you mean?" Kagura asked him.

"I am going to get this dear priestess to make me a new shikon jewel," he told her.

Kagura just had to ask him,"How is the jewel made exactly?"

"The user pushes out their soul of course," he told her.

"But...wouldn't that kill her?" The woman asked.

"Exactly! Lord Sesshomaru will be so grief sadden by her death that he will come to me attacking in a rage making careless mistakes and then that will lead to his downfall," Naraku smirked,"So, Kagura I want you to kidnap this woman and bring her to me."

'I must warn Lord Sesshomaru!' Kagura yelled in her head. She jumped up running towards the door but then collapsed to the floor again as Naraku was once again squeezing her heart.

"Oh, don't get any ideas about betraying me Kagura. Next time I may not show you any mercy. I may decide to just kill you," he informed her, giving her heart a hard squeeze.

'Damn!' Kagura yelled in her head, realizing that Naraku knew what she was up to,"I...I'll go in the morning."

"Good girl." Naraku put her heart back into its case. As for Kagura, she got up and left the room. She didn't care what happened to Sakura, but somehow, some way she'd have to warn Sesshomaru before it was too late, without Naraku finding out and crushing her heart. Perhaps he could help her get her heart back if she helped him. With that decision in mind, Kagura started making plans.

As she sit making plans though a thought struck her,"Wait! How does he know who that woman is descended from?" Then she realized, he must of been checking in on her a lot before. Naraku after all, did send the Samiyosho everywhere. So it was no surprise he knew a lot of things he shouldn't. Kagura then went back to planning out her freedom. She'd get her freedom one way or another.

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