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Originally Posted by Brendino View Post
The only three places in Hoenn that I felt could've used a fly point would've been the Safari Zone, Mt. Pyre and the Sky Pillar. Since the latter two don't make much sense being able to fly directly to, the Safari Zone would've been nice, as it's the only one that you can't fly directly to or right near (even the Pal Park in D/P/Pt and the Safari Zone in HG/SS could be flown directly to).

As for Kanto, the only extra points I would've liked to been able to Fly to would be the Seafoam Islands (which again, kind of defeats the purpose), and Resort Gorgeous off of Five Island.
I agree about the Safari Zone but you should be able to fly to the Sky Pillar. It's one of the best places to train but having to surf there and back when you have to heal your Pokemon or when you run out of PP is just time consuming and annoying.
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