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    Originally Posted by hka18 View Post
    ok one: do you do DS sprites or GBA sprites? Or both? Cuz i need sprites for both but they're basically the same sprite; just a DS version and a GBA version. AND, lol, can you make the sprites ready to be inserted into the ROMS? Like how they are when you view them with Tinke or Tile Molester? Sorry for all of these specifications... Anyway, what i'm wanting is an Overworld, Trainer Card, Mugshot, BackSprite, and V.S. Sprite (if you can't do all of that, it's ok) of Michael (the main character in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness). I would think that Brendan's base would be good for the GBA version and Gold (from HGSS) would be a good base for the NDS version. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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