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Name Javier Serrano

Age: 18

Gender: M

Personality (2-3 paragraphs minimum):

Javier Serrano is the independent young adult. Because of the result of a severe power plant accident that happened years ago, Javier grew up as an orphan, with only his grandmother for company. Because of this, he learned how to live alone and not expect anything out of anyone around him. Being the lone wolf, people look at him with fascination. His aloof personality, but quick thinking, made people tend to flock around him during times of trouble. He believes that he is not the leader-type; when worse comes to worst, he will not be forced to step up nor rally the people for a common cause. On the other hand, he believes that he can help people survive the harshness of the world. He believes that he should only be the last choice, without any other person suitable for the leader-spot.

Javier is also known as the street genius; the orphan with the incredible mind. Neither of his parents could be classified as genius. His grandfather, a famous professor from their native region, is the closest to becoming called “smart.” However, probably due to the result of his time alone, Javier developed a superior brain. Without any real person around to keep him company, he turned to reading books as a separate hobby, aside from the occasional basketball. As his grandfather is the regional professor, Javier has access to multiple books regarding wide selection of topics. Despite lacking a formal education, Javier could perform advance mathematics and could explain the more advanced scientific concepts. His knowledge regarding Pokémon is also remarkable; by the age of 15, he had memorized all Pokémon in the world, and the perfect way on defeating or training each one of them.

All in all, Javier is not your typical guy. In a picture, he is the kind of guy who will stand out, not because of his appearance, but because of his past. More than the lone wolf, Javier is still the orphan who roamed the world lonely and lost.

Appearance (Either 2-3 paragraph minimum, or a picture with some supplemental text):

When the general population fled to Xyuim, Javier did not bother to bring any change of clothes with him. His one set of clothes were: a plain white shirt, a pair of blue denim pants, and a jacket that is usually slung on his shoulders. He only wore a pair of slippers when he evacuated, but that was long broken, so he replaced it with a bright blue rubber shoes he ‘found’ aboard the ship he was in when he went to the region. The only thing remarkable with his clothing is a silver circular pendant hanging around his neck. Javier claimed that it was a random trinket he found aboard the ship. However, he could be seen at night holding onto it, whispering with his eyes closed. People believe that the pendant is a remembrance of his parents.

Physically, Javier stands at a good height of 6’2”. If his father is still alive, people would say that Javier is an exact replica of him. He has his father’s charcoal-colored eyes, and thin and curvy lips. His wavy hair, naturally blonde, is dyed a deep black. Javier is of medium-build, most probably due to his hobby of playing basketball. His skin is light tan.

History (3 paragraphs minimum):

Javier is not naturally a Unova citizen. His family (or rather, him and his grandparents) moved to Unova from Kanto when Javier is thirteen years old. As previously stated, Javier is an orphan. Both his parents were engineers working for the Silph Co. and were tasked to inspect some error in the database of the Kanto Power Plant. However, it seemed destiny was against Javier’s parents. In a freak, but concentrated, explosion, five engineers were killed inside the plant, including Javier’s parents. Investigations were raised, and fingers were pointed. Several conspiracy theorists said that Silph Co. staged the explosion to suppress a discovery of one of the dead engineers that could totally throw their business out the market. However, no evidences was found and the case was closed as an accident.

Three year old Javier Serrano was then raised by his grandmother. His grandfather, being one of the regional professors, was travelling around much often than he liked, so Javier has no one except his grandmother for company. In the quaint city of Celadon, Javier learned how to survive everyday life. His grandmother did not lack in guidance nor companionship; it was Javier that distanced himself. Being the only orphan in the city, most of the citizen wanted Javier to live a normal life. Even the gym leader, Misty, offered the kid a chance to be her apprentice. Javier refused. When his grandfather managed to save up, the three of them migrated to Unova. His grandfather continued his studies, while Javier and his grandmother stayed at Accumula Town.

When Team Plasma attacked and the first waves of evacuees were being transferred to Xyuim, Javier’s grandmother refused to evacuate unless her husband was with them. However, his grandfather was with the other key people in the resistance and it will be a long time before he will retreat. Javier, without any feelings of regret, chose to leave his grandmother and head for the new region. That was the last he heard of his two remaining kin. Javier was alone again in the new region, with no one to lean to, like the lone wolf he is.

Starter Selection (Starters are below, with your choice of one egg move (Keep it realistic):

Mudkip + Counter

Legendary Selection (You are allowed one legendary reservation. Details are below):


RP Sample (Just so I can see how you RP. If you don't have one make up a little prologue explaining why you're leaving for the journey (Other than the threat of Team Plasma): My history, I hope, is good enough.

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