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Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
And as usual you impress me with your work. <3; I'm a big fan of your color schemes; the pastels on some of them look pretty great with the overall designs. But my gosh I have my eye on that little water shark since he's just precious, ahhh.
Thanksss. <3 I'm glad you like them!

Originally Posted by Logiedan View Post
Shading is actually alright. The problem is that your line-work needs a lot of work. I'll get more in-depth about this later. Also, the black outline on top of this Pokemon's head shouldn't be black:
Thank you for your input, and I agree with you, my line-work is pretty bad x____x It's the hardest thing for me. I don't know if it makes a difference but the electric bunny and poison bat were drawn with a tablet before it started spazzing on me. o_o

Here's kind of summary of the pokemon I've sprited so far.
Credit for the template goes to orohnpokemon and MisterMayVark on dA.

On the final form of the bug line - I could NOT make it look good. The wings just... Oh my god. D: Someone help me with that.

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