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    > I suggest leaving a trail for Vesta to follow (thank Tabiti she is okay). I feel like her uninhibited growth will permit her to learn more readily and easily now. She if she can change her shape to something more mobile than column of roaring fire. Maybe that will allow her to move more quickly. Also, her newfound growth could prove excellent defense against wild Pokemon. She already appears to be loyal to you. But yeah. Try to get her to change shape and be mobile.

    Well, she'd move more quickly along a flammable surface, although that's more movement via growth in the manner of a plant. She'll keep pace with you, if you lay a trail of seaweed and walk rather than run. As for changing shape, that doesn't seem to really be an option; she's a fire, and expands and contracts with her available fuel.

    > Collect a bunch of seaweed and start laying a trail away from the water and the beach plus a some seaweed for her later and try to find a rock or clamshell to pry and open limpets for yourself.
    > Then do that weed trail if the narrator won't allow as to make a jar

    “OK, Vesta,” you say. “I think it's time for us to move.”

    Yes, she agrees. Where to?

    “I don't know. Away from the beach? There's nothing useful there, and there might be something useful deeper in the cave.”

    OK, she says, slowly burning forwards across the weed-strewn stone. Behind me. Part of your Bag washed up.

    Part of your Bag? Excellent news! You edge cautiously around Vesta and grab the stiff, dry pouch of canvas that used to be the Bits o' Egg Pocket.

    Huh. Now there's a surprise.

    Othodox recovered the Bits o' Egg Pocket of the Bag!

    Othodox repurposed the Bits o' Egg Pocket as a Pouch!

    Othodox transferred his inventory to the Pouch!

    Thank God it seems to have retained the ability to contain absolutely anything. There are no longer handy divisions between classes of item, but that seems a small price to pay to be able to stick everything in a bag and forget about it again. You tie the Pouch to one of the straps of the former Bag, and use that to secure it a belt loop.

    I didn't burn it, says Vesta, with the sort of naïve smugness of a toddler who knows they've done something good might use. I just dried it for you.

    “Thank you,” you say, smiling. “That's very kind of you.”

    Sparks fly out of Vesta's core and fizzle on the air; you take that as a sign of happiness, and begin laying down a trail of seaweed. This takes up most of your attention, and if you hadn't bumped into a wall you might never have noticed that the little ravine you've led yourself and Vesta down forks here.

    Which way are we going? asks Vesta.

    You scratch your head. Hm. They both look pretty alike to you – although the right-hand one goes very slightly downwards, and the left-hand one goes very slightly upwards.

    Just then, you hear the distant boom, and the ground shakes slightly; the vast unseen something is moving again.

    The noise comes from the right-hand path.

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