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    Originally Posted by LaDestitute View Post
    Okay, thanks, it worked fine. :D

    Although, some questions.
    What does the Unknown value do?
    How do I get the NPC to actually move to the player's front position, say if they step on the left or right script event instead of the middle one? It looks a bit odd with the NPC moving to the middle, otherwise. I could just have one script event, though, I guess. That works too, I'm just curious.
    The unknown is just a staple. I never use it and things usually work fine, but it is something that Game Freak used on theirs as far as I know.

    There is a command called playerfacing(?). That will get the players direction and you can run different scripts based on it or you could force the player to look in the direction of the person that is moving.

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