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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
I've recently bought Borderlands 2 for PS3, and I'm just about to play it, but... Before that, does anyone have any tips for me? :)
Coming from someone who's only beat the game once and hasn't started vault hunter difficulty yet, I think it would depend a lot on your class and your play style. But as with any game it's important to choose a class you intend on having fun with.

Don't spend any of your Golden keys until a higher level imo as the chest rewards are equal to your level at the time. Follow Gearbox Studios on twitter and or follow the Borderlands subreddit as they post key codes at the top of the subreddit when they're updated.

On a seperate note, do any steam players get annoyed that it's not a VAC certified game? I understand the argument that it's not necessarily a competitive game, but I like to know the stuff I've acquired through trade or other means is legitimate just as I do with pokemon.
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