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    Well, hello there, everyone. Not entirely sure if I can reserve a spot or not.

    Anyway, here's my SU. WIP. Done-dee-done!

    Name: Roscoe, "The Leech"
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Species: Sceptile
    Elemental Mastery: Grass

    Appearance: All things considered, Roscoe looks to be a (somewhat) average Sceptile in appearance. One of the few things that makes the green lizard-like Pokemon stand out is his size: Roscoe is something of a midget. At standing height, Roscoe is a full six inches shorter than the average Sceptile. Along with this is a slim, wiry build that relies more on speed than raw power. Overall, due to his overall size, less observant Pokemon may assume that Roscoe is a weakling. He is anything but weak.

    Roscoe can be seen at times with a sack or pack when it becomes necessary to carry supplies or other objects, though he doesn't travel quite as much as some other Pokemon. Roscoe's neck is adorned with what appears to be a close-fitting necklace made of vines, with a seed situated front and center. It's something he will not elaborate on, except in the rare case where it is somehow necessary to explain.

    Personality: "I'm not that bad. Just a bit here an' there, is all..." He may not say it like so, but Roscoe will insist that he is not the bloodthirsty leech some Pokemon make him out to be. It's really only his foes that need worry. On any given day, Roscoe is an amiable, talkative Sceptile. He doesn't have a hard time with talking to other Pokemon on any one of a number of topics and will willingly offer his opinion on the matter at hand, however disagreeable it may be. Anyone who manages to become friends with Roscoe will find him loyal and more prone to talk about non-trivial things.

    However, it might not be as easy as it seems to become friends with Roscoe due to a 'bad habit' of his, which helped shape his title and reputation. He has a tendency to sometimes have a small "taste" of other Pokemon's energy, often when it isn't a big inconvenience to do so. Once is normally enough for Roscoe, so his habit is more of a one-time inconvenience than a constant irritation. At least, Roscoe thinks it is merely a small inconvenience that could be brushed aside; other Pokemon may argue the point or simply snap back in some way. The Sceptile will say that he can actually taste the energy of other Pokemon, as if each one was part of a wide variety of foodstuffs or delicacies, but he denies that this is his only purpose in meeting new Pokemon. Besides, Roscoe can count on one hand the number of times when he met a Pokemon whose energy called for more than one taste. Not counting battles, anyways.

    Roscoe is more likely to be driven by impulse or emotion than by logic. Leave the leeching subject alone, and he'll get along fine on a typical day. He doesn't consider himself to be the scholar or scientist type, partly because he doesn't understand much of the scientific jargon and partly because he gets a little impatient with that sort of thing. Or maybe the impatience comes from not understanding it. Roscoe likes to do hands-on work, get his claws dirty, leave the more abstract stuff to those who know it. Of course, that isn't to say that he isn't intelligent in his own way.

    History: One of the popular rumors surrounding the Leech is that, just after hatching, he Absorbed the energy and power of his father, Komali the Leaf Guardian. Some will argue that the Sceptile's strength and skill came purely from intensive training set in Vivardia Town and the surrounding forest. Maybe it is something as simple as inheriting the right genetic makeup from his parents and their ancestors. All the same, some rumors are best taken with a grain of salt, as they might have been concocted simply to spice up the life of a Pokemon.

    You would like to hear the true version of Roscoe's life, no? Roscoe, later known as the Leech, was the elder of two sons born to their Grovyle mother in Vivardia Town. It wasn't widely known who had fathered the two Treeckos, but speculation coincided with happenstance to point to Komali, a Sceptile who had remained in Vivardia for no more than three or four months. It didn't help that Roscoe's mother neither confirmed nor denied it publicly.

    Either way, Roscoe and his brother, Jonas, didn't lack for other young Pokemon to play and explore with in their childhood. With the forest that had grown quickly after a fire, according to the grown-ups, and shielded the village, the younglings had fewer boundaries to push than those of city Pokemon. Despite rules governing that they not go this far or that way for fear of wild Pokemon, Roscoe enjoyed his escapades among the trees. These escapades slowly became more frequent, though, when the other Pokemon his age began complaining that the Treecko leeched off of them and started to avoid him when possible.

    Over the years, Roscoe's circle of friends slowly shrunk until only a few, including Jonas, continued to accompany him on their outings and dares. Roscoe, a Grovyle by the age of sixteen, had learned somewhat painfully to refrain from leeching when possible, despite his continual comments about the taste of others' energy. Perhaps the first major event in Roscoe's life occurred soon after evolving, when he and a couple friends talked each other into approaching a known haunt of some wild Pokemon at night. The Grovyle and twin Aipoms had bet on how close they could get before running away from the few Poochyena that had always chased them before. Needless to say, it didn't work out so well this time. There were more of the canine wild Pokemon than usual, and the tree that Roscoe and his friends usually hid in was assaulted by a nasty Duskull that appeared.

    In short, Roscoe and the twin Aipoms didn't escape the Duskull without injury, and the other wild Pokemon were scared off by one of Vivardia Town's defenders who "happened" to be out on a nighttime stroll. Roscoe's outings into the forest were cut down after that, both as a punishment and because the aforementioned defender, a Sceptile named Phillip, began training him for some unspoken reason. Roscoe only mildly resented it all, since he felt a new urge to learn how to defend himself in the future. One of Phillip's conditions of training the Grovyle, who thought it odd, was that Roscoe agree to have a Leech Seed "grown" into him; something to do with it being a part of the training. It was only after the Sceptile and a fellow Ivysaur had done so that Roscoe learned of the comparatively high failure rate.

    Another aspect to Phillip's mentorship was that their training and activities weren't confined to Vivardia or the surrounding forest. After a few months, the two Grass Pokemon began traveling across Altica, helping where they were needed. Since he was learning and growing, Roscoe was willing to keep quiet when Phillip brought him to the Duskwood and Area 52 at times. The Duskwood in particular was one of the places where Roscoe found fighting to be exhilarating...and an excuse to leech more than a taste of another Pokemon's energy. Despite Phillip's efforts to beat the habit out of him.

    A few years back, Phillip and Roscoe, now a Sceptile at thirty years of age, paid another visit to Duskwood at the request of an old friend. They were told that a particularly large group of Cyalan soldiers were going to pass Duskwood on their way to quell the rebellion of Indrasil, and the two Sceptiles were needed in order to wipe them out. Roscoe didn't feel too apprehensive about the idea of it, but on the day when the Cyalan soldiers were ambushed near Duskwood, he found himself face-to-face with his brother, who had somehow ended up in the Cyalan armies. The ambush itself didn't do as much damage as intended; in fact, Phillip and Jonas both ended up dying in the battle. A subject Roscoe will not speak of openly.

    That was enough for Roscoe to go solo for the next few years, actively avoiding both Duskwood and Vivardia Town. He never stayed in one place for long, considering his reputation and some enemies he had made in the past. When the call came to come to Area 52, Roscoe answered willingly, for a new purpose if nothing else.

    Moves: Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Giga Drain, Detect, Synthesis, SolarBeam

    Others: So, that seed that was mentioned before? It is a Leech Seed that has been permanently attached to Roscoe through an unique method that has, thus far, succeeded only with a few of the Grass-element Pokemon tested upon. (We're considering the seed itself as an item, not the move by the same name.) The seed acts as a reservoir for excess energy that Roscoe drains from other Pokemon. By tapping into that reservoir, he can gradually heal himself and, if necessary, use the energy as sustenance in place of real food. Theoretically, Roscoe could survive for days without food, if he had enough energy stored up.

    RP Sample:
    With the things Penance said about his sister, Hanso almost missed the last bit: "She makes a great Affiliate."

    Wait, Affiliate? That was more worrying than the fact that his sister made some wea-- Then the door was opened, and Hanso stood in the doorway. Inside was a Gardevoir who was messing around with some tools, but as the door opened the tools she had been levitating dropped from the air, clattering against the ground. "Oh... Pen-" She stopped speaking right there and looked right at Hanso. "H-Hanso...?" She asked out. She turned in her seat to look at him. "Hanso?" She asked again... almost as if she couldn't believe the Gallade was right there.

    "Brynn?" Hanso didn't move from the doorway, not physically at least. He reached out with his mind, afraid that this was simply another illusion to torment him. It all checked out, though... Oh, for the-- Hanso stepped into the room and embraced his sister, who hugged him back from her seat. After some moments, he said, "We need to talk."

    Brynn nodded, then saw the two Salamence over Hanso's shoulder. "One moment," she muttered to him. As Hanso pulled away to get a seat for himself, the Gardevoir made introductions, her voice slightly trembling from her initial shock. "Hanso, this is Veltra. Veltra, this is..." Brynn cleared her throat. "This is Hanso, my brother."

    Hanso set the chair down and nodded to the smaller Salamence. "Hello, Veltra, Accatosh." He then sat in his chair facing the Gardevoir; he wasn't in the mood for chatting with anyone but Brynn. Whether Accatosh or Veltra would be insulted by being ignored...they would deal with that afterwards. With the ease of Psychic twins, they slid into their own mental 'room', where they could talk without others hearing.

    To the others in the room, it looked like the two Psychics were holding a staring contest with each other. Hanso still kept some of his awareness in the real room, enough to have an idea of what the others did. Their mental conversation wouldn't take as long as a vocal one, there was that...
    In the 'white room', Hanso and Brynn stood facing each other. "What're you doing here?!" the Gallade asked vehemently. "You're an Affiliate now?!"

    "Why did you neglect your mental training?!" The Gardevoir matched him in vehemence and tone. "It only takes a quick peek to see that your mind's not as sharp as it should be!"

    They glared at each other for a few moments before Hanso shook his head. "Nice to see that we fell into bickering so easily," he said, falling into a chair behind him. There was no doubt now that it was her. They were the same height, and Brynn's grey eye was the mirror of Hanso's. She still wore the small gem that was secure around her neck. "Where have you been, though?" Hanso asked. Some of his anger had drained away.

    Brynn sat as well, folding her hands in her lap. She seemed to be calmer, as well. "I should ask the same of you. Oldest first?" She smiled as she asked.

    "Go right ahead." Hanso grinned as well; they'd always joked about which of them was older, though they knew it was him. His grin faded as he continued. "Okay...gonna have to summarize for now, but here goes." The Gallade then told an abbreviated version of his story. How he'd searched for Brynn before being captured and left in a torturehouse; how he and the Gold Tribe traveled to Poseida Ruins and took back Eternity City; the ambushes just outside the Thieves' Forest and the retaking of Albia; what the Gold Tribe found in the Catacombs; their subsequent journey to Cape City.

    Brynn was quiet as she listened, other than a few questions that she asked for clarification. When Hanso finished, the Gardevoir sighed. "I suppose it's my turn, then. Hanso, please keep an open mind."

    That set more alarms ringing in Hanso's head. "What do you mean?" he asked, leaning forward in his seat.

    "Quiet." Brynn looked down at her hands before speaking further. "At least you got out of Shine City free. The Ancients...they restrained themselves enough to capture me before I could teleport out. I never woke up with a clear head, at least not until I'd been moved to the...the torturehouse." Her voice caught before she could continue. "You understand what they do, Hanso, I hadn't known you would."

    Hanso moved to his sister's side, his chair reforming beneath him as he took one of Brynn's hands. "Did they do anything...permanent?" The thought of the horrid place he'd been imprisoned in brought a dull ghost-pain in his leg.

    Brynn nodded, not looking up. "My legs won't ever be as strong as they once were." She smiled a bit, her voice strengthening. "I'll get over it eventually. One of the torturers was too cocky. A bit of mental pushing, and he revealed that we were in the torturehouse near Cape City. That cut down on the distance I had to cross when teleporting. You remember that Kirlia we talked to in Cape, some years back? I remembered her house distinctly.

    "She tried everything she knew, but my legs were beyond repair. You know that I wouldn't have settled without doing something. Well..."
    Brynn paused and looked up at Hanso. "We didn't know she was working for the Madman."

    When she didn't continue, Hanso asked, "What next?" He didn't like what the Madman had done in the past, but he would listen to Brynn before voicing his thoughts.

    "I was...convinced, to start helping out. I didn't see any other real option." Looking at Hanso's face, Brynn added hastily, "No, they didn't touch me in any way, don't go raging on them. I was hesitant at first, but...when Penance showed up and talked with me..."

    "You became an Affiliate." Hanso's voice was dull, a sick feeling in his stomach. "So you started working with them just because of Penance's persuasiveness?"

    Brynn shook her head. "No, he only confirmed what I'd already been thinking. Brother, haven't you noticed certain things about the Gold Tribe? What they do, how they plan? What they'll do once the Silver Tribe is dead and gone?"

    No. Hanso pulled his hand away and turned his face away, but he couldn't deny it to her face.

    "I can't get some of the things that the torturers said out of my head, things about the Gold Tribe. I even had a few doubts before the invasion. Penance, he... Don't think that I've forgiven the Madman for everything, but he helped me see the Gold Tribe for what it really is." Brynn paused, considering the Gallade. "Hanso, they're only going to replace the Silver Tribe as Valkaria's dictators."

    "I can't believe this," Hanso interrupted, standing up to pace. "Yes, I've had the thought that the Gold Tribe isn't as upright as it should be, at least before the invasion, but what makes you think Zane and the others want to become dictators? How would they do it, anyway? Have the army at their command by threatening the Generals and anyone else who disagrees?" The Gardevoir raised an eyebrow at this. "Why am I bothering? You're as stubborn as a mountain when you want to be!" The worst part was that Hanso was starting to agree with a few things about the Gold Tribe.

    "So are you," Brynn replied calmly, her voice hard. "Tell me this. If the Gold Tribe really cared about their beliefs and the Alpha Alliance, then why did they begin passing new members for their fighting ability?"

    "We don't have time for this," Hanso muttered, falling back into his seat, facing Brynn from a few feet away. "You realize that you sounded like Delnir Blake, don't you? I'll admit that I've had my own thoughts. Just...don't ruin it by trying to convert me to the Madman's side, okay?" As an afterthought, the Gallade added with a frown, "Why's it cold in here?"

    "What?" Startled, Brynn looked around. A small circle around her had seemingly frosted over. "Oh. A story for another time." Her gaze returned to Hanso. "I wish we had more time to talk, but..."

    "There's a common enemy to fight," Hanso finished. "And there's somethin' happening up in the City, whatever it is. We'll talk again, when it's done."
    When Hanso stood up from their talk, he noticed that the same small radius had frosted over in the real room as well. It brought to mind the fight against Frostbite. "See ya later," Hanso said, embracing his sister one more time before turning away. The frost didn't take long to melt.

    They had work to do.
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