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    Still in progress. I'll be done by tonight or tomorrow.

    Name: Pierce, "The Cunning Shadow"
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gengar

    Elemental Mastery: Ghost Mastery


    Above you can see Pierce. On the left is his bag to carry the various trinkets and treasures he can find. He designed it with a gengar's eyes and mouth on the flap. Just above the face is the gem his friend Sableye gave him. On Pierce's left arm is a reaper cloth that contains powerful ghostly energies compressed within. On the right you see my failed attempt at what is supposed to be a Light Ball. T-T

    Pierce takes the image and features of your average Gengar with a tall almost egg shaped body, sinister red eyes, spiky fur adorning his head and back, and altogether with a Gengar's trademark sinister grin. Although not a very significant trait, Pierce stands slightly taller than most other Gengar. Aside from that, Pierce always carries around a small brown leather bag around his shoulder of which he keeps valuables he finds along the way of his travels. Pierce also has a rugged Reaper cloth worn around his left arm. Given his ghostly abilities he may chose to hide himself and become intangible and/or intangible until he makes himself known. His bag is fitted on the back with a gem given to him by an old friend.

    Personality: Pierce prefers to do things at his own pace. Weather it be at a gentle stride or at a breakneck pace, Pierce prefers to go alone travels so he wont have to worry about other Pokémon other than himself. Not to say he's ant-social, but rather prefers that most other Pokémon can't seem to keep up with him due to his ghostly abilities of intangibility and invisibility, and instead decides to go solo most of the time while on the move. If its one thing that Pierce appreciates most of his ghost typing is the unrestricted freedom it grants. Despite this however, occasional loneliness would draw him to big cities or towns to converse with other Pokémon about his travels or to trade whatever valuables he had found with the locals.

    Although Pierce is mostly outgoing with other Pokemon, he generally tends to avoid overly large groups, crowds or ruckus which he considers too bothersome and sometimes annoying. One of his favorite hobbies is telling stories of his travels and what he's seen or heard to other Pokemon who care to listen(as well listening to the stories of others, for he finds information of any sort to be highly intriguing). Even more-so(besides eating) he covets whatever priceless treasures he can fit into his bag that he may find along his path. Crafty in the art of persuasion and trade he can make the most reluctant of Pokemon by or trade an item of his own for something he desires more. A testament how more often than not he can restore tranquility of a situation or sway others with intelligent usage of words alone. Something you should keep in mind is that once Pierce has set his eyes on an item he craves to posses, it will not easily slip through his fingers.

    Pierce has claim to his title by being as slippery and sharp as they come. His adventures even at a young age has taken him many places. Pierce can solve most any puzzle, naturally slip out of pretty much any sticky situation, and has a near photographic memory. Somewhat of a staple on his personality is being particularly fearless and daring, while not always willing to operate strictly by the rules and may deviate between the boundaries of right and wrong for what is ultimately good. He takes delight in seeing the shocked expression from those he manages to startle from small pranks he likes to pull or his dark sense of humor. Pierce also tends to disdain places that are boring and tends to enjoy the company of Pokemon that have a sense of humor, and enjoys flexing his mind a bit when meeting other Pokemon who can use telepathy.

    History: When Pierce was born, his parents were nowhere to be found. Instead he was accompanied by the numerous other ghost pokemon that shared residence with him in the abandoned mansion they called home. Floating in and about the castle, the young Gastly picked up many of his mischievous and playful habits from his peers. Games of hide and seek, tag, and "Disappear"(a game to see who could stay in the invisible/intangible state the longest) strengthened him in many of his future talents.

    As time went on the young Gastly seemed to grow bored; which wasn't unnatural. While many of the pokemon that inhabited the mansion were content with staying within that vicinity most their whole lives, others found the need to go out and see what awaits them in the outside world. Pierce was no exception to the later. The only problem was that he wasn't sure what he wished to do; or what his calling was. One day, he found the answer. On a calm cool, starry midnight his pall Sableye came over to show him numerous jewels he found. Marveling at their majesty, Pierce questions him how he collected them. The Sableye proceeded brag about his skills at finding things while giving Pierce tips on how to find treasure and such. It was then the young ghost knew what he wanted to do and announced he would be setting out on a journey to scour Atlica, learn it secrets, and collect treasure. Before Pierce left, the young Sableye gave him the most refined gem from his pile to have something to remember him by. With a few goodbyes, Pierce was off to tackle the world.

    As the little ghastly roamed farther and farther from his former home, he began to see more an more pokemon along with many different changes of atmosphere and scenery. It wasn't until he evolved into Haunter, that he started to make real progress in his journey. Upon his evolution he no longer had to fear of strong breezes blowing his gaseous body away. Hence forth, Pierce started to rummage all across the land, learning and finding things along the way. Once evolving again the Gengar fashioned himself a sturdy bag of which to hold small treasures and put the gem sableye gave him on that bag. Pierce ventured places others would never dare to go(or couldn't go), has met many famous pokemon and growing more powerful each journey. Through his habits of trading and selling antiques/treasures in and between Cylala and Skyhaven, Pierce has become somewhat of a well known figure within parts of both cities as a bridge of commerce and trade.

    Currently, Pierce was of traveling again. However, this time he received a strange message from a Pelliper. The unknown author of the letter was apparently calling him over to Area 52, a place he had not explored before or even hear of much. At first skeptic, he soon wholeheartedly excepted the idea of seeing what was in store for him

    Moves: Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Hypnosis, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Destiny Bond
    Others: Enjoys to use Dream Eater as well give Nightmares to adversaries. There are very few than can escape him and no mercy is shown in battle, even the most underhanded of methods are used to attain victory.

    RP Sample: From Fargona: Land of Dragons
    Tobi Gustav

    Tobi's arrival to Issathon after departing from Itim was somewhat swift over the two day flight, epecially with Tobi's wind magic aiding Triton in the sky. Naturally the two were excited to see such a bustling and active fortress. Once within the city walls Tobi escorted Triton to the dragon stables where he was to rest for the time being. The first thing Tobi set out to do was find some merchants he could trade with, he needed some supplies. After he was finished with such things Tobi decided to rest inside a small shack to get a drink. To his surprise there were a few Royal Guards there as well, chatting among themselves.

    The first of the Knights takes a sip of his drink before speaking, "...ahh, where exactly do you think we should start to look?"

    Then the somewhat shorter Knight responded, "I dunno, but the kind sounded serious." He pulls the parchment of suspected dragon tamers from his satchel. "There's still a few dragon tamers on the list we havnt found."

    Dragon Tamers..?? Why are they looking for Dragon Tamers?, Tobi thought. Upon hearing this Tobi begins to feel uneasy and abruptly decides to leave the shack without finishing his cup, which consequently leads to him attracting unwanted attention.

    The last Knight and unmistakably, the leader of the bunch calls out to Tobi. "Hey young man. Come here a second." Tobi, then halts, and approaches the Kight. "I know this may sound weird but do any of these names mean anything to you?" He hands Tobi the parchment. "They're supposed to be dragon tamers."

    Shockingly enough, Tobi's name was one of the last on the paper. His reputation must have spread even to Issathon. He thought for a momment on what to do before replying. "Hmm...I might know of one of these names. Not sure. But may I be so bold to ask why you are searching for dragon tamers?

    The Knight raised an inquisitive brow, but sure enough answered the question. "I'm not sure exactly. Nonetheless the King urgently requested an audience with these people. "

    Tobi then rolled the parchment back up and handed it back. "Sorry i don't think I know any of these people after all, I guess I was mistaken. Sorry to have taken up your time."

    "Oh no, thank you for your time. Carry on." The second Tobi stepped foot out the shack he signaled to his fellow Knights. "Follow him. I think he might know something."

    Minutes later, Tobi had made it back to the dragon stables and immediately went to see Triton who was resting around a patch of assorted hay. In the Drake's slumber, its sides heaving slowly up and down with every breathe. Tobi called to his friend from over the gate. "Hey, buddy, I'm back!" Triton then, in a flash responds to his rider jovially nuzzling his face. "Haha, yea, I missed you too!" Tobi reaches into his sack and pulls out a fresh mutton for Triton to feast on. "Eat up. Make it snappy too, I think some people might be looking for us."

    Then, from behind the cover of the well, the three Knights from before jump out and confront Tobi. The leader speaking fist. "Aha! I knew I was right about you! You're a dragon tamer!"

    Tobi, unsure of what to do, edged closer towards Triton's gate. "And, what about it?"

    The Knight took a non-threatening step closer. "Look, I'm under strict orders to present any Dragon Tamer I find to the king. Don't make this more difficult than it has to be. There will be consequences if you resist."

    Tobi, looked over at Triton who had become tense, then back towards the royal guards. "Fine, I'll come along with you." He then turns to Triton and pats his head. "Just hold tight, i'll be back again soon." And with that, the Royal Knights escorted Tobi the the Royal Palace.
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