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    Episode 24: "The Tower of Runes! Seeking the song of fire!" (part 3)

    "Let's see..." Wendy mused as she studied the hole in the middle of the floor of the next room. "I'm not the best jumper in the world..."

    "I doubt basketball jumps would be any help..." Brock agreed. "Not unless we were going up or I had a running start."

    [Don't be silly!] Tenku scolded. [This hole is small enough for even a Pidgey to fly across! Watch!]

    With that, Tenku took off across the hole, but when Brock heard a THWACK!!!! and a weak [Ow...] as Tenku appeared to hit something solid, then slide into the dusty pit, dazed.

    " could there be something there halfway across the hole?" Wendy wondered.

    Inspired, Brock readied an arrow and fired at the place Tenku had crashed. A tink as the arrow impacted what appeared to be a wall and fell into the dust near where Tenku was struggling to get up confirmed his suspicions. "There's an invisible wall about halfway across...."

    [I know that, Captain Obvious, but would you guys hurry up and get down here?] Tenku snapped. [My head hurts!]

    [We'll be right there as soon as we find a way to get to you without hitting the wall ourselves.] Hinata called back, then studied the edge of the pit for any sign of a stairway or ladder.

    Wendy, meanwhile, handed Raku a Sitrus Berry. "Take this to Tenku--and while you're in the pit, let us know if there's a way to climb under the invisible wall."

    [Okay!] Raku replied before taking the Berry, jumping into the pit, and hurrying to Tenku's side. [Here--this is to ease that headache.] he smiled after setting the Berry at Tenku's side.

    [Thanks...] Tenku weakly replied, her head still spinning from the hard blow. [I think I see a ladder near where everyone else is standing....]

    Sure enough, Raku spotted a dull brown ladder in the dust at each end of the pit. [Guys! There's a ladder at each end!]

    Wendy led the way down, and after crawling through the dust, cradled Tenku in her arms. "Are you okay, Tenku?"

    "She did take a hard hit..." Brock mused before holding up two fingers. "How many fingers do you see?"

    [Two...] Tenku weakly replied.

    Brock heaved a sigh of relief. "That's a good sign that her injury isn't serious, but we'll keep an eye on her just in case."

    [I've smacked harder things before, but this is the first time I've hit an invisible wall.] Tenku stifled a weak giggle as the group climbed through the pit and into the next room.

    [I'm ready to go to the next floor...] Satomi announced as the group entered what appeared to be a kind of performance hall, with a lone guitar-like instrument by a chair where a performer would sit. Sableye statues kept a watchful eye on the tranquil room.

    Just then, Hinata spotted a message in the glowing runes on the wall. [A minor key will see you to the next floor...]

    [That's easy!] Satomi giggled. [All Brock has to do is play two chords, and the door opens!]

    Brock examined the cryptic message for a moment, causing a smile to form on his face. "It's not quite that simple, Satomi--while you're right about my needing to play two chords for the door to open, the clue also tells us exactly which two chords I need to play and open the door."

    [Huh?] Raku asked as Brock settled in the performer's chair and checked to see if the guitar-like instrument was in tune.

    Wendy examined the clue again. "Of course! A minor and C major!"

    Sure enough, the door rumbled open as the two chords in question resonated through the room. [Two floors down, eight to go!] Hinata called as she led the group upstairs....
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