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    Here's my SU. It should be done tomorrow! By the way, when do we get to see your character, Ray? WIP

    Name: Cloe the Frigid Crystal
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Species: Glaceon
    Elemental Mastery: Ice

    Cloe looks like any other Glaceon does, for the most part. She has short, smooth fur that shines like diamonds. Her ears and tail are long and pointed, and her body is occupied by that familiar rhombus pattern. The fox-like creature has eyes that are a deep, dark blue, which makes it hard to detect any emotion from them.

    On her front right and back left ankles, she wears anklets adorned with tiny ice crystals. Around her neck is a necklace with a larger crystal. Her tail also holds a crystal. The crystals are kept frozen by her body temperature.

    Personality: Born and raised in Coldarra, Cloe is a tough and independent creature. She has a very reserved and quiet nature. She doesn't talk much, and she usually only speaks if she is spoken to first. The young Cloe, however, is not afraid to be loud and grab attention. If she is working with others, she will take charge and voice her opinions. She likes things done her way, and will not stop until she is satisfied or proven wrong. This, of course, means that Cloe gets into many arguments with other Pokemon. Over the years, she has learned to be slightly more cooperative, but she still ultimately favors her way over any other way. Stubborn is a good description of Cloe; she won't change her position on something very easily.

    Being as reserved as she is, Cloe often keeps to herself when she is around pokemon. She doesn't necessarily avoid pokemon, she just prefers to sit alone and think about... well, anything. Cloe spends a lot of time thinking; whether it be about her rather unfortunate childhood, or what the future might hold, she thinks. That's not to say that she doesn't like engaging in conversations with other pokemon. Cloe can talk for hours given an interesting topic, but other pokemon see her as bitter and cold because she never talks. But the reality is, she (usually) never talks first. There is a difference. Cloe is also seen as disrespectful and rude, which is true at times. Her "I'm always right" attitude gives her a bad image, but Cloe is always respectful to anyone of authority or a higher standing than her. Unfortunately, that is the minority. If you manage to befriend her somehow, she is a much nicer pokemon.

    At this point, Cloe sounds like she would be a terrible friend, but the opposite is true. Cloe is the sweetest, most thoughtful pokemon to her closest friends (whom she had to leave behind). Her past is what has resulted in the cold, arrogant Cloe and that keeps her from befriending pokemon. Once your friend, Cloe is loyal and loving. Of course, her natural overconfidence will still shine through, but won't be as identifiable.

    The glaceon is very intelligent and quick to make decisions. In tough situations, she stays calm but serious, analyzing the problem and brainstorming possible solutions. Perhaps it is all the time she spends alone that allows her to think so efficiently. Cloe is respected for her mind's prowess, which might have given birth to her large ego, but the fact is that she is smart. Her senses are very sharp, allowing her to pick out things that some would not be able to.

    When it comes to Arceus and the Plates, Cloe has very strong beliefs. For as long as she can remember, Cloe has believed in peace and harmony; she wants the plates gone. She wants them destroyed or sealed away so that no one can ever use them again. Where there is great power, there are people who want that power and will do anything to get it - and if they do get it, who knows what the result will be. Cloe thinks the world has progressed enough to no longer need the Plates, and that they are causing unnecessary violence in Altica. If the Plates are removed from this world, or at least kept completely out of reach, all problems will be solved. That is Cloe's philosophy, and given her stubbornness, it is not likely to change.

    History: Coldarra, located in the isolated north of Altica, was the birth place of Cloe. Destin the Vaporeon, her father, and Maya the Glaceon, her mother, were both experienced sailors who took great pride in their work. They helped train the young pokemon of Coldarra in the ways of seafaring, including Cloe. The two were well respected figures in Coldarra whom many looked up to. When Destin and Maya had Cloe, they knew there was something special about her. They just didn't know exactly what it was.

    Residing in Coldarra meant that Cloe's life was already laid out, for the most part. Life there was simple for most pokemon: eat, train, worship, and sleep. Cloe's childhood was much like that of any other pokemon in Coldarra. One significant difference between Cloe and the other young pokemon, however, was that Cloe would spend a much longer time training. She had the drive - the motivation - to train harder, faster, and longer than the other pokemon. The former Eevee wanted to be just like her parents. She wanted to be a great sailor and proudly carry the family name to the next generation. So, she trained and trained and trained and trained.

    Years passed, and Cloe was now 21 years old. Her training had paid off; Cloe was an exceptional sailor for her age. Or, she at least thought she was. She had all the skills, but she never had the chance to apply them yet. Her new dream was to put herself to the test - sail from Coldarra to the mainland of Altica. She would gain recognition from nearly everyone in Coldarra, and she might even be recognized by a few mainlanders. However, her parents would not allow such a thing. Cloe argued with them but they wouldn't budge. Then she suggested that they come with her. Her parents thought about it and eventually agreed - they would sail with her to the mainland. Cloe was ecstatic!

    But she would soon regret ever having this dream. The journey to the mainland started out as they expected it to. The waters were calm and the weather wasn't bad. All was going well. After a month they were still on track for their destination, Port Ragho. However, things soon took a turn for the worst. The ocean became violent, large waves crashing all around them. The family tried to maintain control of the ship but it was impossible. An enormous wave swallowed the ship whole.

    That was the last time Cloe saw her parents. The wave knocked her out and separated the family. When Cloe came to, she was in an unfamiliar place. It was not Coldarra, but that was all she knew. She assumed her parents were gone, because she did not want to get her hopes up. All she had left of them were the crystals that her mother gave to her after evolving. Cloe was devastated, however. She did not want to lose her parents, she wasn't ready to let go just yet. But she knew she had to keep moving, so she did just that. After finding civilization, not far from where she woke up, she discovered that she was still in Altica. That meant that she made it to the mainland! The news was welcomed and made her feel slightly better. Cloe got directions to Port Ragho, their original destination, and headed there. If her parents were still alive, she could probably find them at Port Ragho.

    Upon arriving at Port Ragho, Cloe instantly began asking around for her parents. Unfortunately, she came up short. No one had heard of or seen her parents around here. Cloe was in deep regret. Her parents originally rejected the journey because they knew it would be dangerous, but Cloe insisted. Their deaths were at the fault of Cloe. Guilt set in, and Cloe felt awful. She didn't care about the recognition anymore. Now she had nothing. Lost and depressed, she decided to keep doing what she knew - sailing. Cloe was easily able to find a job at Port Ragho thanks to her seafaring background in Coldarra. She resided and worked at Port Ragho for the time that followed, gaining promotions along the way.

    Just recently, Cloe received an invitation from an elder of Area 52. She was wanted at Area 52 immediately. Cloe was intrigued. She heard many things about Area 52, and was curious, so she accepted the invitation and set out for Area 52.

    Moves: Ice Beam, Blizzard, Ice Shard, Shadow Ball, Heal Bell, and Mirror Coat.

    Others: Thanks, Ray, for the help with Cloe's history!

    RP Sample: (let me know how you write!)

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