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Summer is coming, so everyone will have plenty of time. :D I have posted the IC, it's bound to be approved in two or three days. The time should be enough for all of you to finish your SUs. And, speaking of SUs...

Silver Ice asked for my SU, so here it is:

Ser Tsulong the Exemplar of Fire
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Arcanine
Elemental Mastery: Fire

From his neck always hangs the fire stone that evolved him. His eyes are crimson, ruby-like.

Personality: Tsulong was raised as a young ranger in Area 52, guided by his mentor Durand; he was brought up believing that Arceus's power must not remained sealed, for the world would slowly crumble apart without it. He is a youthful Arcanine with an upbeat and carefree attitude. He can come off childish at times, due to his stubborn and proud spirit. Despite his carefree ways, when things get hectic, he gets serious. He is rather sensitive but even when being emotional, he is giving good rationale to his speech.

Playful and optimistic, Tsulong possesses leadership qualities and a strong instinct for survival. He is so very spirited, a smile and a laugh is never far from his reach and he doesn't lets anything spoil his mood. Having grown with Elder Durand in Area 52, he has shown signs of the wisdom he has absorbed from him. But due to his age, he is also quite rash and headstrong at times. One thing he did not like about Durand is his tendency to take things easy and relax, always delaying problems and leaving them for the next day - he prefers to tackle problems directly. A lot of his personality is shaped from the comments he received by the members of Area 52, regarding his parents, who were most probably pirates; he has decided to embrace that notion and considers himself "one of the free folk," meaning he gets to do what he wants because he is kin with pirates.

Tsulong is a very proud Pokemon, and due to that, he often gets youthfully cocky and arrogant. Sometimes, he allows his emotions get the best of him, going as far as to disrespect an opponent who gave him hard time in battle. He is quite merciless in battle, as he believes those who survive against him will come back seeking vengeance, if he spares them, as it happened once when traveling through the forests beyond Tri-way town. Although he is quite self-centered and dwells on his fame and successes, he is passionately loyal to his friends and allies and cares deeply for them. He puts their protection above everything else.

It is within his understanding that he is of the last Fenju alive, despite not being born a native. Protecting Area 52 and the legacy of their civilization has become a sacred duty to him, and that very thing is driving him forward.

History: Elder Durand of Area 52 had foreseen a ship with a black flag sailing past the shores of the Fenju Plateau and another ship, burning and sinking. The former was a pirate schooner from Port Ragho, the latter a trading galley of Skyhaven; the pirate ship was escaping capture by sailing on shallow waters. Durand greeted them along the shore, and they gave him an egg with a fiery pattern, Tsulong's egg, to save the unborn canine should doom find them.

In Area 52, Tsulong was tutored on the faith of Arceus and the history of the Fenju by Durand himself. He would go ranging in the ruins of the citadel along with fellows from home. His talent for using fire quickly became clear and Durand named him a Hero of the Fire Mastery, even though he was still a Growlithe. Then, as it happened, Area 52 required eyes on the outside world; he set out at the age of twelve, in a quest to get close to the King. When in Cyala, he was obliged to join the Crimson Company, an old group of mercenaries who were bid to protect the King. At first, he was assigned with the job in the city's guard, due to his age. As the years passed, he grew to be a menace to the outlaws of Cyala, being able to outrun and bring down most of them.

When he was fifteen, he took part in a tourney of junior Pokemon that was held for King Aion's entertainment. He happened to win, and the King rewarded him with a Fire Stone for the show. By that time, he had grown to admire the King and wished to be like him. For the valor and fervor he showed in the tourney, Tsulong rose in the ranks of the Crimson Company, to be the youngest member in the history of the King's Outriders, a group of Pokemon who would openly hunt down and kill any Pokemon the King requested. Tsulong was too blinded by glory to see and understand that what he was doing was wrong. In the two years that followed, he participated in the serious tourneys, where the King himself took part as well; Tsulong didn't do as good as before, as most of the contestants were twice his age, seasoned gladiators, not green boys. Surviving those tourneys was a feat to talk about, though.

Three years prior to present, Tsulong realized that the King he idolized wasn't quite the person he thought him to be, when he and his armies set out to quell Indrasil's rebellion. Indrasil's forces were hiding in the forest, so his King picked him and other fire-type Pokemon to burn everything down. After a big part of the forest was burnt down, King Aion blocked the retreat of the Indrasilians and crushed them. Although they never found the city, it yielded, in fear that their marshes would be scourged and burnt down the same way. As a reward for their services, King Aion named those who helped him burn the forest Exemplars of Fire; Tsulong was also raised to knighthood in service of the King himself, but these seemed like hollow titles by then.

This act of his took a heavy toll on his conscience, at first. He fled Cyala to return to Area 52 to atone for what he had done. Durand though convinced him that if it was not him who would have burned the forest, it would have been someone else. Dwelling on that, his regrets quelled over time and his conscience healed, and although he was once quite faithful to his duties to the King, he decided to remain in Area 52 to help with the town's needs.

Moves: Fire Fang, Flare Blitz, Extremespeed, Dig, Iron Tail, Flamethrower
Others: He likes to Roar.


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