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Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking; "There's already a Random Leauge!" To that I say to you good sir/maam, this league is different, Let's see why.

1. There are 16 Players, and only 8 make the playoffs.
2. Each player plays 9 games. (All in the same league, plus two in the other one)

Well, that's what it really is, nothing gimmicky, or anything else. (Sounds like some sports leagues I know)

Did you mention there being two leagues?
Why yes I did, Let's see what I mean.

when you say in, say Sceptile so I know you read the rules.

There are two Leagues, The Mewtwo League, and The Mew League. There are 8 teams in each of the leagues. Everyone in the same league plays each other, plus two people from the other league.

What does the winner get?
The winner gets a spot on the champions list, and entrance to the next season for sure!

Will you be playing?
No, I will not be playing, I think it keeps things fair.

Can I pick which league I am in?
No. Random Numbering will handle that for you.

What are the playoffs like?
Well, the playoffs are the four best players in their respective leagues put into a best of seven, single elimination bracket. Here is what the bracket looks like. (I suck at computer art, don't judge!)


1st ---
4th --- |
3rd --- | |
|--- |
2nd --- |
|---Winner of Championship
1st --- |
|--- |
4th --- | |
3rd --- |
2nd ---

Mew League

Who is in what league?
Here is the list so far!!

Mewtwo League

Mew League

1. nimbostratus

Who might be in first?

1st place :
2nd place :
3rd place:
4th place :
5th place :
6th place :
7th place :
8th place :
9th place :
10th place :
11th place :
12th place :
13th place :
14th place :
15th place :
16th place :

Oops, I almost forgot, we have substitutes! Remember, if you are a substitute, you get immediate entrance to the next season, of you don't pay in the series.