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Originally Posted by Crimson0191 View Post
With Seren so close to squad 4 of team Neo, theres bound to be some friction between them! By the way, my charry is heading to violet city, so if Seren were also to head to Violet city later on in the rp, (irl about 3-4 days away) that would definately kick up some action between Scott and Seren. Would that be okay with you Somniac?

oh and by the way, where is the support banner for this rp?
Hmm quite possibly, although I'm not sure. Seren's currently in Goldenrod, and won't be heading to Violet for a while unless I can think of a way to take her back there with a plausible explanation. She's going to have some down-time for a bit, as she hasn't got an assignment at the moment so she will probably just do something for enjoyment.

Flying around like a crazy-woman on her newest team-member.
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