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    Originally Posted by Bleacher View Post
    Hey guys, sorry I disappeared for a while.. My cousin got married yesterday and for some strange reason I was given the most responsibilities. :( I apologise to everyone, especially WolfOfEve for all the inconvenience, I'm back now.

    Oh, and I've made a post about a conversation between Kiba and Elm, hopefully WoE is not too angry with me for the lag.. Keep up the good work everyone, first Ayleth post coming up tomorrow!
    It's all right, I was more feeling paranoid that the RP was going to die if you had, and I'd have to plant Kiba somewhere else.

    Originally Posted by Bleacher View Post
    A friendly disclaimer :P. This RP is rated M for mature, NSF anyone under 17 (officially lol). There might be blood, gore, strong language, violence, partial nudity, adult themes... But be assured there won't be a poképhilia or any pornographic content, if you think that your post might contain anything disturbing to others, please inform everyone on the OOC thread.
    Don't worry, that Gardevoir is not a man. Simply saying it because that species can get confusing. Nothing to do with Pokephilia, I swear.

    And then every pervert trainer was on a hunt for Kiba.

    Originally Posted by HelloAsha View Post
    Congratulations to you, and your family Bleacher. Welcome back! I've been working on my next post as well. Hopefully if I can get all the details I want right I'll have a new/extended post up tonight. If not then it'll probably be up sometime tomorrow afternoon.

    By the way, out of curiosity I'm wondering why everyone chose to join this RP? Personally I haven't RP'ed in a while, and I wanted to brush up my writing skills, and jump back into the world of Pokemon. What brings everyone else here?
    I joined at Bleacher's personal request (which was pretty good for my ego), and decided for the first time I should re-implement a previously used character at a different point in time. It'll be a bit odd playing him at two different points in his life at once, but he was one of my favorite characters, so I know it'll make for an entertaining experience.

    Originally Posted by ORegan View Post
    I joined the RP because women love RPer's....or is it musicians? I always get the two mixed up.

    But I really joined because it had the best plot and structure compared to the other Journey RP's.

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention: Mello won't be with Kiba for this RP, she'll be staying with a character on Lethia (with a Quilava she absolutely adores). This gives further emphasis on Kiba's desire to return to Lethia on occasion.
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