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    How about, all of us, including those remaining outside the shack, take on the Sawsbuck? It would be easier and we could cancel (sort of) all things that are happening, and focus on the plasmas inside. I see no way a normal trainer would connect that by pulling out the book entitled with the highlighted words would open an entrance where two plasmas are in, in a span of two minutes. Plus, if there is still the Sawsbuck problem, we would be dealing with two problems once the plasmas realize we're there. LOL.

    A summary of the players.

    Who are inside the shack?

    1. Ewery1
    2. miltankRancher
    3. ORegan
    4. lacoste
    plus Frank Hul.

    Who are outside it?
    1. koopafan29 (taking a picnic break, while most of us are being attacked by blood thirsty bears and deer from hell!)
    2. Midnight-Umbreon (well, I bumped with him outside the shack while he is listening to music, right?)
    3. game_sloth (took the first step into the forest, and have not yet heard from him since)
    4. hiinotama (following Javier and Sawsbuck)

    So, I guess the four others head to the shack immediately and help us with the Sawsbuck! GO!

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