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Originally Posted by HelloAsha View Post
I enjoyed all of your responses, and it's good that we all joined for similar reasons. I think we have a good group of RP'ers and this journey will be well worth it.

I was supposed to post the other day like I said. An unfortunate turn of events happened Saturday afternoon keeping me away from home, and able to post. Sunday I had to shoot a wedding all day (It was brutal) .... & Today I have to go take a 'physical' for this new job I'm getting, and I'm going menswear shopping later, because I'm a cool guy like that.

I've got a few errands I have to run now, and after that my day starts. Hopefully it's all said, and done by 6PM EST. When I get back later tonight I'm going to try to finish up part two, and have a new post up. **No promises though** My life always finds a way to detour me, and get me sidetracked in the process. Maybe today's a different day though.

Just checkin' in

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and enjoy this beautiful Monday. :p
I know exactly how you feel, I find that my life does that to me too, whether it be motorcycle accidents or work deciding to completely rearrange my schedule, one way or another it seems to happen!

I should have a post up soon too, although if its not up tonight it wont be fore a few days, what with work now being tuesday, wednesday, thursday.
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